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Thread: Garry Adams - Finalist

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    Gary could dance. His singing was ok but his attitude was far out of proportion to his position in life/career. Serena described Harlemm as her biggest competition, I think. Nothing wrong with that. Gary sounded as if he saw only him and Serena going for the win and the other 10 as just hacks. Not only dismissive of just Jojo (honestly, he's not all *that* significant but Gary's a nobody so...) or Carney (she been there and no doubt "grew up" with music, entertaining as a Beachboy daughter) but he also didn't seem respectful of even to Johnny (a very successful talent manager) when if he were to win he'd be *on* Johnny's label. Shameful!

    At best he was rude. At worst, it shows he'll get no where with such a "hard to work with" attitude as an unestablished talent in a sea of equivalent or betters with more manners than he demonstrated.

    I can't believe someone has dismissed his behavior as acceptably "keeping it real." Ha! :rolleyes:

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    Originally posted by drkim
    Well based on talent Gary should not have gone, but I wasn't that surprised due to the fact that people will vote on how much they "like" someone. His perceived ego did him in. I thought Gary was a very good dancer with adequate singing. I had him 7th out of the 12. In one group song his solo was pretty bad, so his singing was weak anyway. But he is a very good dancer with excellent rhythm.

    Shame he decided to cop that crappy 'tude.
    Even if you don't win a show like this it can be very helpful in showcasing your talent.
    He just showcased a snotty attitude imo.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I just want to thank everyone who responded to my thread,
    "Who thinks Gary should've stayed?" I respect all your opinions,
    and I see where you guys are coming from----I think I make my
    judgements on the contestants' talent more so than their
    personalities because I can't possibly judge them in one
    hour, and as far as talent, Gary was one of my top
    favorites. I just want to say I don't knock the performers,
    I just say who I like and who I don't. They're all talented,
    they wouldn't be there if they weren't. Also, our opinions
    do matter because we vote, and some of us do know a thing
    or two about performing. Yes, a lot of us do have a life outside
    the Fame forum!

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