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Thread: Garry Adams - Finalist

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    Great post Imajin! I completely agree with you.
    I don't think Garry has as big of an ego as the show is making it seem. I thought in his video clip last week when he was complaining about people not getting the dancing right, he was just being real. IMO he was just saying what others were probably thinking, but they bite their tounge instead. However, last week when he told the judges that he respected their opinions, but they were "just opinions" I was a little turned off. I am still a big fan of him, he's definately a triple threat. I was pretty pissed off last night when they announced Justin had made it because I didn't want him to stay, and I didn't want Moy or Garry to have to leave.

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    Gary was a wonderful performer and singer. I hate to see him leave. I have such disgust for this show seeing as though they can't see real talent when it hits them...Gary is wonderful and so was Lauren. What a disappointment.

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    i liked garry but his upper register is awful

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    I'm disgusted. Gary did not deserve to go over Justin or Raymond. Maybe he had an ego but so did Serena saying Harlem was her only competition. What is FAMe thinking getting rid of 2 solid performers. Last night was embarassing. I've defended FAMe over AI but no more. Only Harlem turned in a decent performance. Just make him the winner and put us out of our misery. Was that even a dance number?? We'll miss you, Gary!

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    He didn't deserve to get the boot over Justin, but part of this is a popularity contest.Whether we like it or not.
    The stage presence part was missing, and I'm wondering if he didn't know he was going beforehand. He appeared sullen and angry during the whole show.
    I don't care to watch that stuff if he didn't know- and good riddance, but if he did I understand.

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    Originally posted by Imajin
    IAll I am saying is dont pass judement like you know these people when you dont. You only get to see what the tv executives want you to see. ... it is not easy when people who cant even do half the job that they are doing just sit back and criticise. Remember that they all have feelings.
    Imajin, although of course we only see what the producers choose to put in the show (for example that clip about people not being able to keep up with him - I do wonder why that was chosen over everything else that was in his little interviews behind the scenes).

    BUT... Garry is the one who chose to say to the judges that their opinions are "just opinions," and Garry is the one who rolled his eyes at Debbie Allen after his first performance when she dared to mention something she had been suggesting to him that would improve his performance. The executives had nothing to do with that.

    As for passing judgement, well, we are the ones who vote - we have to base our decisions on something. Whether or not we are performers ourselves, we get to have opinions, too. There is no need for any of us to be cruel in what we say about the contestants, but not everything is going to be positive.

    Garry has shown the world that he cannot take constructive criticism. He seems to believe that HE knows best and has no room to improve. In the performing arts world that is a serious flaw; it means he can't take direction. What director or producer would work with someone like that when they can find someone else just as talented who has the humility and common sense to actually LISTEN? That doesn't mean he has to be a doormat, but to blow off the judges and Debbie the way he did was not only unprofessional, it was also just rude. He painted that picture himself.

    He was one of the few triple threats, but I hope that he has learned from this experience that he was not THE ONLY triple threat. Being talented is not enough when competition is tight.

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    I'm still scratching my head. He was good. I don't understand the show because it doesn't make sense to see good performers leave. the show is criticized enough as in the Entertainment Weekly article I posted a link to. why compound the issue by leaving on mediocre performers like Justin, Raymond and Jamison and get rid of the stronger ones like Garry and Lauren. Perhaps the issue is to get rid of some of the stronger ones and push the weaker ones so that the front runners will shine. Then it will be perfectly clear as to who's good and who's not. Solid, middle of the road performers just confuse the issue. That must be the strategy of the producers and they try to guide votes.

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    It's the same thing that happened with American Idol... The best performers get a lot of votes, and the worst performers get a lot of votes due to their fans who panic when they see their favorites do badly and they vote in higher numbers than usual. So the ones that get squeezed out are the ones in th emiddle who don't have a huge fan base or who didn't do anything to make them really stand out (e.g. Lauren & Garry)

    I agree about Raymond and Jamisen; they are at the bottom of my list... But I was not surprised to see them move on this week. Both of them have something that makes them stand out... Jamie because she's pretty and Raymond because he has an unusual look for a pop star... kind of geeky a la Clay Aiken... He may also be pulling in a lot of Asian voters as well...

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    I think Garry was/is very talented, but his attitude is not appealing to me.

    There were some issues with the voting last week, many people saying they could not get through as their is a limit on howmany voted they will accept from each time zone.
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    Well based on talent Gary should not have gone, but I wasn't that surprised due to the fact that people will vote on how much they "like" someone. His perceived ego did him in. I thought Gary was a very good dancer with adequate singing. I had him 7th out of the 12. In one group song his solo was pretty bad, so his singing was weak anyway. But he is a very good dancer with excellent rhythm.
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