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Thread: Garry Adams - Finalist

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    Who thinks Gary should've stayed?

    Personally, I thought Gary Adams was a triple threat,
    but apparently America disagreed, or there aren't many
    people watching the show. But I think he was better than
    a lot of people there, and especially Moy!

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    Soccer Kicks Balls cali's Avatar
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    while he wasn't better than Moy in my opinion (although Moy did have a not great performance last week) I still think he was ok, and better than Justin
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    FORT Fogey
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    I think he's a terrific performer who had a bad night last night. However, he wasn't one of the top few and his attitude really turned me off. Granted, there were a few people I would have liked to get eliminated first, but I think he would have been eliminated within a couple of weeks anyway.

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    Well, I guess I can understand how people think Gary has an
    ego, but come on! He should not have left before Moy, Jacob, Raymond, or Lauren! I'm really mad!

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    I wanted him to stay, but I wasn't surprised to see him go... My elimination picks were Raymond & Jamisen, and as soon as I saw that they were safe I knew Garry would be one of the casualties...

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    Sorry, I didn't like Gary one bit. Not so much his singing & dancing but his attitude.

    Anyway, I think Justin is a bit of a joke, so maybe Gary should have stayed a week longer.

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    Im glad he's gone, but it should have been Jamisen or justin instead of him. He should have left next week not this week.
    He has talent, but he also thought that his only competition was Serena and he was truly mistaken.

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    Bye Bye Gary!

    That was a lot of talent that went out the door just because of your attitude Gary. Hopefully you have learned a lesson and keep on trying.

    Justing should have been holding with you as you went out and kept right on going.

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    I thought he should have stayed and Justin should have left. No way no how do I feel he is more talented than Moy. I think the right choice was made between the two of them.

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    Moy is very upset that Gary left, he is one of her friends and they knew each other from living in Miami together. I think all of you people who are knocking any of the contestants should stop and put yourself in their shoes. If they are looking for a triple threat (which I personally believe Gary did have) then they dont want someone who is a phenomenal singer and but can not get the crowd moving. If this person is going to be a star they have to have star quality. All I am saying is dont pass judement like you know these people when you dont. You only get to see what the tv executives want you to see. I wish everyone the best of luck because I know that they all have been working really hard at their dreams and it is not easy when people who cant even do half the job that they are doing just sit back and criticise. Remember that they all have feelings.

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