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Thread: Judy Ho - Semifinalist

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    It's too bad that she had to go the first week, if she would have been in the third or fourth, she would have had experience dancing on the stage and dancing with everyone, and maybe she would not have been so nervous
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    It's true, Maria36 is Judy's sister, and she sings very well herself!

    A couple years ago, I helped Judy direct a UC Berkeley collegiate a capella group called Artists in Resonance (check 'em out!). She and I became fast friends and have remained so ever since.

    Judy is not only a fantastic singer, director, musician, and performer, she is also a wonderful person and friend. Give it up to Judes: she rocks my world.

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    go judy HOOOOOOOO!!!

    yah, maria is judy's sis... i can vouch for that too. hey maria, it's jason. i dunno if you remember, but i'm judy and robin's friend and i visited ya'lls pad in SD awhile back. remember? we all watched "the ring" together? anyways, i've seen judy sing a few times. she's beautiful, has an awesome voice, and is a great friend and person. good luck judy! i know this is just the start of something BIG!

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    Judy seemed quite adorable to me.
    A nice mixture of "girl next door" and "sex appeal", not too heavy on either.

    I was too thrilled with her song choice, but the fact that she gets to be in the opening numebr each week will be good exposure for her (and the others for that matter)
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    Hey Jen! Hey Jason! Thanks to everyone for their continous positive comments...They are truly appreciated and much thanks from my sister! I will be updating her photo album tommorow so be on the lookout and check the link soon! I like the Fame family! We're cool!!! haha

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    Hi guys, I'm so glad there are so many people who like Judy, she rocks! I too sang with her at UC Berkeley in Artists in Resonance. If you want to hear more Judy, you should buy our a cappella albums (www.artistsinresonance.com). She arranged a lot of the music on them and is the soloist on many songs. Hopefully she will have a chance to be back on the show, but even if she isn't I'm sure America will see her again! Love ya Judy!

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    Judy's name

    There ain't nothing wrong with Judy's name. She seems cool with it; she knows it has "character."

    In fact, she's been known to introduce herself (in jest, of course) with "My name's Judy...Ho if you're nasty!"

    Her laid-back attitude only increases her coolness quotient.


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    Hi all!! Another exclusive brought to you guys first by me..Judy's sis...of the people for the people!! Pictures provided by my sis. I will put up a few now but there is definetly more to come...for right now I will be puttin up pics which include that fine ass chick I affectionately call sis and that cutie Jamison..as well a pic of my sis and that ladies man Danny...enjoy everybody...check the link often for updates and new pics!!! Keep supportin!!!


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    maria36, can you see if you can get your sister to do an exclusive interview with FORT ?

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    hey ruben..yeah i will find out about the interview thing...it shouldn't be a problem if all the logistics are worked out...gimme some details of how you envision it to go down and we will work from there kay! Once again...thanks and keep SUPPORTIN!!!

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