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Thread: Judy Ho - Semifinalist

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    hahaha....ruben of 205...you're a funny guy...prove that she is my sister....there are a million and one ways I can do that ye of little faith but why should I? What you want baby pics of me and my sis or family get togethers or pictures of us clubbin? haha check out her website which will be coming soon..until then..maybe I will put up a picture or two of us in the meantime...but now that you asked..I feel less inclined too...have faith my boy and we will see..much love to you though for supporting her!!!

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    I believe! I believe!

    Tell her she was lovely and she has won over many fans for herself in a very short time...

    The song choice and the outfit were both very unfortunate - glad to hear she wasn't responsible.

    Best of luck to Judy in the future!

    Oh, and welcome to the forums, maria36!

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    Yay! My first non- American Idol post on the FORT!

    Actually, when I initially heard Judy sing I was blown away, and so was my Mom. I think she must have been really nervous, because she impressed me earlier in the show.

    I just wanted to point out that on top of being beautiful, she actually had some talent.

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    oh well maria36, what about you ? do you sing ?
    Did your sister ever try out American Idol ?

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    Her picture from http://www.nbc.com/nbc/Fame/contestants.shtml
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    All new pictures and info on Judy Ho

    Hey all...this is Judy's sis...verifiable sis..haha...but click on the following link for some pics of my sister...and the answer to Anna's question...Judy loves Debbie Allen..straight from her mouth, my sis had nothing but positive comments about Debbie. Judy thought that Debbie was truly inspirational and incredibly motivating. As for all other questions that you all might have...direct them to be and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge or ask my sister directly. By the way, these pictures are from some headshots my sister did about six months ago for a talent agency.

    -Also for all who support and want to see more of Judy as well as other previous contestants...keep tuning into Fame for some surprise cameos!! =)

    (click on thumbnail to enlarge picture)

    Also...a brief bio

    Name: Judy Ho

    Birthday: June 12, 1979

    Likes: singing, dancing, football, basketball, video games, jet skiing, eating, laid back people

    Graduated: UC Berkeley, May 2001, B.S. Business, B.A. Psychology

    Currently: UCSD/SDSU Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program Student, Research Assistant at Children's Hospital San Diego

    more to come!!
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    In response to Ruben...yes I also sing and dance...its a family thing! =) Also, no my sister never tried out for AI..she was about to try out for American Idol two but had scheduling conflicts...also to everyone check out my other thread for photos and a brief bio on my sis...also post any questions there and I will try to respond to the best of my ability or ask my sister directly. Thanks for the support!

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    to clarify about the cameos...i noticed other contestants were in each other's bios so hopefully we'll get to see more of them in the up and coming contestants bios!! keep watching and keep those fingers crossed!

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    Get us some more pics!! even better get a recording!!

    I thought she was real good in the practice clips, I wish fame didnt put judy in the first group.

    I really wanted her to sing more! I can't wait to hear her break out. I watch AI a lot and I can tell she'd totally give ruben and clay a run for their money. I hope she tries out! Or even better, get some songs out!
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    maria36, keep us posted about your sister. How tall is your sister, she seems quite short.
    Hey.. does she know the other two asian guys in the final 24 made it to top 12 ?

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