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Thread: Episode 1 05/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Ok, I wasn't online last night to weigh in on Fame and the Amazing Race, so here I go. (on Fame, obviously not TAR):
    Let's skip ahead to the second hour when the show REALLY started (I was bored the first hour)

    Ok, I LOVED the "I go to work" number. It was a good way to get acquainted with the 24 semi-finalists and the dancing was really good too. No complaints here.

    Then we get into the first 6:

    Not-So-Hot Stuff: I wasn't really liking it and was not happy she moved on. Not too impressed.

    Isn't Salsa Lovely: He was a bit boring, and then we have a little interval of his salsa dancing which wakes me up just so I can get bored again. Not too impressed.

    Mckenzie, McKenzie, McKenzie: I thought that was horrible. I couldn't understand the first half of the song and then you started screaming at me the second half while you got down to hump the floor somewhere in there . . . Not too impressed. (are we seeing a trend?)

    Alex and Just Friends: FINALLY! I feel a need to keep watching the show. His little intro beat box kinda thing was cool and he can sing and he can dance and he's just good. I was finally impressed and happy he moved on.

    Ho Ho Ho: I was loving her in her first auditions and was waiting for her to continue my happiness from Alex. She did. Not for the judges, but I loved it! I was ready for her to move on and then she got bad to okay reviews and then i was very disappointed she didn't move on.

    Rock W/ Gary: This boy can Sang! He was good, rivaling Alex for best of the evening. Glad he moved on.

    For the Love of God, I mean Money: The dancing was all-right but only the 2 guys that moved on and Judy somewhat impressed me. Good song, but not for Group 1.

    I was hoping the last 3 would move on, but I got 2/3 so I'm happy. I'm hoping next week is better.

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    Originally posted by QueenKing
    The only complaint I have is that after we hear what the judges have to say then we have to hear commentary from Debbie and Joey about the artist as well. I think the hosts should remain totally unbiased (the way Ryan is on AI) and move on to the next performer.

    See, the thing is, Debbie isn't a host. Or at least she's not supposed to be. Joey's the host and he doesn't give an opinion like the "judges" do. But I wander if Debbie isn't technically a judge the way they give her the last word.

    Oh well, parts of it confuse me sometimes.

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    I caught the last two of the first group on a repeat 10pm Sunday night on cable channel Bravo. The background music really drowns out the singing and there's an awful lot of echo. This is definitely *not* the singing competition that AI is/was, so far I didn't see anyone I'd vote for.

    "Rock with you" *looked* alright but I just was not feeling the vocal performance : The Ho girl looked awful in that cheerleader outfit, I can't even remember the song and I'm happy to forget the "voice".

    I didn't recognize Carnie but that top... Ugh. I've never seen or heard of the Jojo guy but he looks ok so I suppose that counts for something.

    I recognized Johnny Wright at least. Did he lose weight? But I confess what made me stop was seeing Joey Fatone was hosting so that might keep me back for at least another showing even if he did seem a little stiff.

    The judges were far too fluffy. Way too much Paula. I did like Debbie Allen though. She was probably the best part.

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    I was kind of wondering what Debbie was on stage for too. Is she a host or a judge ? She has to be a judge of some kind since none of the judges have proper dance accreditation.Actually Joey has more dance chops than any of the judges.
    Oh well at least the judges are qualified, giving helpful feedback, and aren't just there for shock value.

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    Has anyone heard or read anything on whether the contestants had also tried out for AI2?

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    I just figured maybe Debbie was on there as a talent scout, coach, trainer, etc.

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    Her title is listed as "Trainer" on the NBC web page.

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