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Thread: Episode 1 05/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I LOVED the show!!

    Debbie Allen, who I usually can't stand, really surprised me. I've got a whole new respect for her.

    Joey didn't do too badly, we'll see if he gets more comfortable as the show continues.

    The judges were great - especially Carnie, she's honest without being nasty.

    I'm disappointed that MacKenzie didn't make it in, but I'm really glad Alex did.

    I'm a happy camper.

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    Such Vanity...... Dorthy31's Avatar
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    The show was OK....I mean I really LOVED AI and its diff....change isnt always easy...so it'll be a transition....Joey will get on my nerves (and I used to LOVE Nsync)...but I put up with Ryan, so I can maybe look past it. I did really enjoy the dancing, that is pretty cool. The vocals didnt impress me much. I'll give it another week

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    It was entertaining for some summer fun. I liked the fact that they did not make too much fun of the bad ones. Maybe this will be really good as it goes on to next rounds, they picked the three that our tiny home audience picked, it was very obvious who could sing & move simultaneously. I was very impressed by how much their dancing improved after some practising. (Why isn't Paula Abdul judging this show, this is her thing.) Some critisism: I did not understand what those girls were wearing. Even Kim C in mermaid outfit looked classy compared to that.

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    I thought Fame was a lot less *fun* than AI. (And yes, I miss Simon and all the really, really bad audition outtakes).

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    I thought the dancing part spiced things up a little bit. I get so tired of people just standing around. It's nice to see movement!!

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    I just finished watching this show. It reminds me of star search which is not a good thing. As for the first six, they can't sing theirselves out of paper bags. Unfortunately for the show, on the first week, they already got rid of the hottest chick, Judy Ho. BIG BIG BIG mistake. I was going to bring my dialing fingers and vote for her but oh well... I might tone in again to see if Raymond Lee made it to top 12 or not, other than that, I am done with this show.

    As for the host, you think that Ryan Seacrest is gay, have you watch Joey ?? and he is fat as well.


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    I know! How about a Judy & Danny show? Let's cover all the demographics! Singing? We don't need no steenkin' singing. Judy for the guys; Danny for the gals and others so inclined.

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    Wow I was actually very impressed by this show... The talent is apparent... and it seems like it would be much tougher to compete on this show vs American Idol...

    This show would have been a whole lot better with more Judy Ho and less Joey Fat One though...

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    i know gina.!she didnt make it

    dood i know that gina girl... she graduated highschool few years later from me and we flirted a bit when i worked at a certain college she went to in ct... all i knew she was moving away to trya nd do her career thing.. it got her on fame.. not bad.. hope to see her again

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    Before we all jettison AI, let's realize that, while the combination of singing with dancing is awesome on this show, the singing is nowhere near AI. Both shows have their place.

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