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Thread: Episode 1 05/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    way to go garry representing day bronx !!!!!!!!!! . was kind of entertaining. looked like joey was reading his lines with his eyes closed. carny wilson wear a bra next time --- LOL. it's no american idol but still alot of fun. looks like a spring and summer full of fun times and good music !!!!!!!!

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    Shucks. Hazyshadeof is raining on my parade. (BTW -- the red leather jacket is stunning. Simply stunning.)

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    Originally posted by dosqueen
    Also, I loved the judges sooooooooo much more than the ones on another show that I will not mention, cough "AI" cough.

    And Debbie? She is such a star, what class!! She's the perfect mentor/coach/whatever. So glad to see her back on the screen!!

    But that boyband Joey has GOT to go.
    Took the words right out of my mouth!

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    I haven't read any of these yet so I am just gonna chime in while I wait for them to choose the three to move on. I chose Shannon, Garry and Alex. Let's see if they thought the same as me.

    Number one - OMG!!!!! Carnie Wilson's NIPPLES! Was I seeing BAD things or was that fact? And what an AWFUL outfit. YUCK! UGH! I mean, if you dumped THAT much weight, dress to flatter yourself. That was heinous.

    Jojo and his hair. All I can say is - ew.

    Alex is in - good, that is one out of three I got.

    Shannon is in - that's two.

    Garry is in - three for three. But I think any one of us here would have chosen the same three.

    Okay, on we go. Joey needs some serious host work. He keeps stuttering over his lines.

    The very first group dance, when they all came out, here are the ones that really stuck with me. Jamison (probably my top so far based on that short bit), Harlemm (who woulda thunk it!), Danny (who was eliminated later and rightly so. I was wrong on my first impression), Moy (can't WAIT to see more of her! She seems electric!) and Alex (don't know why. Still not sure)

    On performances:

    Shannon - first impression. Blechworthy, hoochie stripperish wannabe. She was hands down better than the other girls but I don't think she'll get too far.

    Performance: 4
    Looks: 8
    Wardrobe: 3

    Overall for me, about a 4 on a 1-10 scale.

    Danny - I thought he had a great look but the Latin flavor in him was too strong, I think. He seems a bit dorky but I attribute that to nerves. And I did not care for the solo salsa.

    Performance: 2
    Looks: 7
    Wardrobe: 6

    Overall about a 3 for me.

    Mackenzie - there was nothing about this girl that did not make me shudder from the over the top cheerleader smile to the way she vocally stomped her way through her song.

    Performance: 2
    Looks: 7
    Wardrobe: 2

    Overall another 3.

    Alex - I have NO idea what it is about this boy that I like, but I do. He reminds me a bit of Danny from the original show. He's bad boy cute with flyaway hair and he makes me shiver. I just don't know if it is in a good or bad way, yet.

    Performance: 6 down to a 2. He fluctuated since he started out really great in his opening and then I think nerves took over.
    Looks: 8
    Wardrobe: 8 (Why, oh why, could they have not put Clay in something this ultra hip and trendy?)

    Overall he gets a 7 in my book.

    Judy - felt too much like Ellen from Road Rules. Just something about her seemed REALLY fake. I did not care for her much at all.

    Performance: 3
    Looks: 8 (She is quite pretty)
    Wardrobe: BIG ZERO! OMG, that cheerleader outfit was monstrous!

    Overall a 3

    Garry - OMG! SEXY SEXY SEXY! He seems a bit nervous but this boy EXUDES charm! Love him! I even forgive the MJ song!

    Performance: 8
    Looks: 8
    Wardrobe: 8 (Even the stupid hat!)

    Overall an 8 in my book! I think he is going to get better and better with every performance!

    So, there you go. Jamison is on next week and I'll be interested to see how she does since she popped out at me first group dance.

    Now I am off to see what the rest of you had to say.

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    I don't think anyone had either Danny or Judy on their list of who they wanted to move on. Correct me if I'm wrong though...

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    Hey now.

    I'm not saying I don't see redeeming values in the show - I might watch the finale because I think if they can find that one "super" performer (one who can dance, sing and has a personality) that there is not something to be said about the format - it doesn't appeal to me on the surface level, however, so I'll skip it and read the recaps until the finale.
    I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's eyes... but why... why... why can't it be me?

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    Just finished watching the first 6

    Shannon - Voice: okay. Could those heels have gotten any higher? Or that skirt? Excellent stage command.
    Danny -- Cute! (I think I'm in wuv). But honestly? That voice? Guariniesque. Huge disappointment. (Although I'd watch him in "Salsa Idol").
    Mackenzie - the Q&A? "Hello! I'm Barbie. I'll be your tour guide!" Set my teeth on edge. Singing okay, but too broadway (Heh heh heh, I just wanted to say that).
    Alex -- Totally not my style, but he has talent.
    Judy -- Guy eye candy. Voice not blowing me away, dawg. OUCH! Those tones could bend metal. Nerves didn't get the best of her. A lack of singing talent did.
    Gary --Not a good song for his voice. It was hard to tell if he was really a good singer or just had a decent tone to the voice.

    I'm not going to make predictions because I accidentally saw at least two names that made it.

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    Well, those of us that wanted Danny to move on assure you it wasn't for singing and dancing...

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    Originally posted by TB25
    Well, those of us that wanted Danny to move on assure you it wasn't for singing and dancing...
    There's just something about a cute latin guy who can salsa....

    Oh well. He's a gonner.

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    I love Debbie Allen! She's perfect for this show. I don't like the dancing that much. I think they need to focus more on singing.
    I'm glad they have a live band instead of the pre recorded crap.
    Good show

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