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Thread: Carnie Wilson, JoJo, and Johnny Wright are judges

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    I love seeing men in a uniform, particularly a military or police uniform, that's why I decided on that name.

    As for JoJo, his hair is very, very naturally curly and he didn't stink, so I'm sure he took a shower before going into work. He was at work at the radio station when this pic was taken. (in Los Angeles and I'm from Michigan so this picture, and other pictures, were taken for my memories since I can't go to L.A. very often.) He's also a great guy and a good friend. You can't judge people by the way they look because you could be missing out on a good friendship if you did.


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    I'm not judging him by the way he looks. I was just commenting that it was not a flattering picture of him. I actually think he looked much better on the show. I just found it humorous, because he appeared to have a huge case of bed-head.

    No offense intended, though, because I didn't mean to imply that it had anything to do with his personality and I'm sure he is a nice guy.

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    I Love the Hair. He looks better in the pic than he did on TV ...As I said in the recap to be a top DJ in that market is quite an accomplishment... Good for him
    Tell him we've had a much greater response from the show on site than we thought ! I figured it would be Fluff and I watching a- la All American girl -
    Well I didn't watch that but Sher did ...and did marvelous recaps

    People always figure I'm a guy too MIU - probably because of the hockey thing...

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    I'll restate that I LOVE CARNIE WILSON! Jonnie Wright's ok, but I'm not really liking JoJo at all. Also, even though he's not a judge, I'm really not liking Joey either. Personally, I think Debbie Allen is doing fine hosting it by herself and Joey just makes it a lot more corny, and not even in a good way like Ryan Seacrest.

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