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Thread: Harlemm Lee's CD

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    CD is released!

    The CD came out on time 11/11/03, it is called "Introducing Harlemm Lee". I like it. Harlemm does his stuff. I did feel like he was holding back a bit vocally though. He does a duet with Shannon Bex, it was actually great. I would not have thought they were a good pair for a duet, I was wrong.

    Amazon may have samples now, I have not checked in a while. I am glad he finally did it. I especially liked the thank you's he wrote in the liner notes.

    Harlemm co-wrote the song Jasmine Rain, I REALLY love this song.

    All in all, I am glad I own the CD.

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    Harlemm Lee

    I know there are at least a few Harlemm fans here at FORT. I finally got my copy of his CD "Introducing Harlemm Lee" today. There are quite a few songs from the show, thus, alot of covers but like you've never heard them before. I absolutley love his voice. The song "Jasmine Rain" was co-written by Harlemm and is very sexy I love the beat on "Carless Whisper" and "Blessed My Soul Again" is beautifully poignant. I can really feel that Harlemm has poured his heart and soul into this CD even though it was put together in only a little over a month. I can only imagine what he'll come up with given original material and more time. There are some places where less would be more (instrumentally) but Harlemm's voice shines in every song.

    If you've listened to his CD... what are your thoughts? And if you haven't picked it up yet... what are you waiting for... you won't be sorry

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    Your review was on the money!! I just picked up the CD this morning, and have been playing it all the way through all afternoon. There really isn't any song that I "hate", just a couple I don't care for as much as the others. I just wish he had gotten more promotion so that others could become aware of this awesome talent! You are right - his voice just shines, and I can just picture him singing every song. Now I wish I had taped the Fame episodes because I want to relive my Harlemm experience. If anyone has these episodes taped, please e-mail me at: wyldcatz@hawaii.rr.com. Mahalo!!

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