Hello U.S. peeps how's it goin'
I am a fan of 'Fame Academy' UK which I believe inspired your version of 'Fame'

I understand Fame US is similar in many ways to our version which incidentally also had huge problems to start of with. The first ever show of FA UK was a complete disaster & major embarrassment for BBC TV as fewer then 3 million people watched the un polished students desperately trying & failing to sing on the flagship channel. Despite the downside and the press onslaught of the show, things gradually picked up, the student eventually put on some good performances which attracted more respectable ratings with 8 million viewers for the final of the first series. The students of the first series went on to have a hit compilation album selling over 500,000 copies, went on a nation wide sell out tour & 5/6 students eventually got record deals including of course the winner who sold 100,000 copies of his first single in the first week of release ( which is a very rear thing in the UK now, particular in January!) & had a hit album. Don't get me wrong, FA UK still has what I would say as an image problem particularly with the ever cynical British press but the concept has proved its worth with sections of the GBP & music industry.

The second series of FA which finished a few weeks back had a slow start as last years. This was mainly due to poor scheduling by the BBC which stupidly put FA against ITV's more established show 'Pop Idol' (same format as American Idol). Even though 'Pop idol' is a clear ratings winner with Simon 'I love myself' Cowell, the quality of contestant that Fame Academy attracts with its superior format developing real talent and not egos means it ultimate has far more credibility & respect then Pop Idol. Even Simon cowell (more or less) admitted this when he congratulated this years FA winner in a newspaper.