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Thread: TVGuide Online: Harlemm Goes Hollywood

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    TVGuide Online: Harlemm Goes Hollywood

    From TVGuide Online Insider:

    Harlemm Goes Hollywood
    by Ben Katner

    Those who would have us believe that cheaters never prosper have obviously never heard of Harlemm Lee. To make it to the finals in NBC's summer talent contest, the eager Fame seeker shaved nearly a decade off his age. What's more, if the pocket-sized powerhouse had it all to do over, he just might do the same thing!

    "At [the initial] audition, Debbie Allen gave us, like, 10 seconds to sing, and before that, it was, 'Okay, I need your name and age,'" the 35-year-old tells TV Guide Online. "So, with hundreds of people there, the majority of whom were, like, 16, I really felt that if I said I was over 30, ears were going to just shut off. So I took the risk, thinking that was what I needed to do to [make the cut]."

    There's no arguing with success, we suppose. Besides, despite stiff competition from heartthrob-in-the-making Alex Boyd and wholesome Britney look-alike Shannon Bex, the baby-faced geezer had the chops to walk away with the grand prize no, not that recording contract from Johnny Wright... public acceptance! Now he hopes to return the favor for his fellow frisky fogies.

    "Ageism is a big issue in Hollywood, but since I actually won the competition against 18-year-olds, I think it's inspiring. I've had so many people come up to me and just put their fists in their air and go, 'Yeah! Old people!'" he laughs, adding that he's in no hurry to act or look or sound! his age. "To be able to do what I love to do has kept me young throughout this whole experience. It's like the best fountain of youth that you could ever ask for."

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    LOL>> what a liar...well he won and he got a few little mentions..mostly about his lying..wish they knew the full extent ...ie, his gerry woo past

    Havent seen much else about him thanks heavens...even the pres of nbc wants to forget this stinker of a show..

    debbie allen should be ashamed of this phoney contest and bore fest JMO

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    Was this guy really gerry woo? and if he was, how could he get away with it by just changing his name?
    Just a question

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    he changed his name, LEGALLY, which is not against any rules... and he did speak about it in his interviews.. so, he's come clean about everything!!! so there!

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    Blech! :boredball What an insipid, predictable writing style from a negative personality. Alliteration? Isn't that for high school English classes? Guess that explains why this guy is writing for TV Guide.

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