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Thread: Congrats You Won - Sort Of - (Fame Finale)

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    Are you going to post the video of the in-laws deck?

    We could get better Neilsen ratings than FAME.

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    We already enjoyed their hot tub with another couple awhile back. Don't know if I'm willing to risk it again...not to mention the live feed.


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    I didn't really watch this show, but i saw the end, and it was cheesy. It was in pretty bad taste for them to proclaim a "second winner" in Shannon.

    Poor Harlemm... Talk about stealing someones thunder. sheesh!

    But it was pretty clear listening to Johnny's bold claim that Shannon would win, who he wanted for his company. True, she is more marketable, but again, read first sentence.

    They should have been more subtle about this ala American Idol 2, with "one" winner in Clay and Ruben

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