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Thread: Johnnie Really Doesn't Want Harlemm

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    Johnnie Really Doesn't Want Harlemm

    I think Johnnie made it clear that of the final four, he prefers Shannon. It actually took some of the spotlight and thunder away from Harlemm's win when Johnnie offered Shannon a deal.

    The more diplomatic thing for Johnnie to do would have been to offer the deal to Shannon off camera.

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    Oh yeah......tell that to the claymates LOL>> it was :"ok" for clay to get deal announced same nite

    I am glad Johnny did that...shannon is young and talented...and has a "good" past...she will go far..

    I dont think Harlemm is very marketable...his songs?? singing a little girls song from annie?? and how much can he do the airplane dance/kung fu??

    This show does not have the "numbers" to provide idol type fandom and cd sales...besides he only is signed for a single. Shannon will have to build her fan base from more than just the fame watchers too I think. This show was just not near as popular..it started out good but poor decisions and a lack of vision drove it downhill fast. JMO

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    Yep, johnny was rude.

    But he will have to work with the hospital office assistant that won the contest.

    Go Harlemm.

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    Actually, i thought J. was extremely RUDE!
    He basically came out and said, Harlemm, I want to work with Shannon because i can market her. So, your win just means i HAVE to put out a single with you. BUT really you're going to be shelved as soon as my obligations are up.

    Hey, i understand that it's difficult to market a bald chinese soul singer in this here "open-minded" america, even with that voice and FAR superior talent. BUT J. could've waited for the show to be over before p'in on Harlemm's back.

    What he was doing was getting a classless cheap cheesy marketing plug in for what he feels is his "REAL" product. What a putz!

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    "Tomorrow" is not a little girl's song. It is a song from a musical that can be sung by a man or a woman. Harlemm did a great job with it, making it less annoying and treacly.

    I got the impression, too, that Wright REALLY wanted Shannon so he can mold her into a lousy performer. But, geez, I don't think she can sing, always off-pitch, off-key, flat, shrieky, mimicking others. She's already a lousy performer. I think she should stick to dancing.

    Fortunately, the callers liked Harlemm.

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    re : the sun'll come out tomorrow ---

    the sun came out for me last night when Harlemm won. i thought from the start he was the most talented of the bunch. he is a rare talent different from anyone we have ever seen. his voice is very reminiscent of "star search" winner Sam Hariss who managed to pop out a few cd's and has done work on Broadway. i am also a huge Clay Aiken fan, so i was not upset that he announced Shannon's addition to his roster. yes, she is more "marketable" in today's standard society, and yes she may also become the Clay of Fame (outselling Harlemm, as clay has been doing Ruben). i don't see any initial #1 singles from either one since Fame was not nearly as huge as Idol. But on "nashville live" thier winner, Budddy Jewell managed to pop out an impressive #13 debut on the top 200 Billboard charts. so as they say, time will tell. but i will be first on line in New York for Harlemm's cd !!!!!!!!!!!

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    I thought that was pretty tacky of Johnny myself. I'll support Harlemm for his single. He always gave his best. You couldn't give me Shannon. Serena... wow... sure she oversings everything until it's unintelligable but 4th out of 4? Wow. I didn't see *that* coming. You keep at it, girl.

    Remember, though. Harlemm get's more than Shannon. He gets the artist rep, career guidence, a roll in FAME, etc. Shannon get's her "career" managed by Johnny's group and probably something on WIRE records.

    In a way it's a slap in the face to Harlemm. Unbelievably so. Politically this would never, ever be tolerated were a black be breaking a colour barrier and a treated like Harlemm was by Johnny during his *big moment*. There would be a firestorm of controversy. Johnny was all about easy dollar-signs. The money lust was evidence in his eyes. It was honestly disgusting.

    Kudos to Alex and others for being excited for Harlemm's big win. I don't see this on par with Clay/Ruben since it was a statistical tie there and was known *before* the results that both would get a recording deal.

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    :mad: I agree what he did last night to Harlem in his spotlight was un called for and If there were a way I could e-mail and tell him I would. I mean she is not that great of a singer, she has a nice body and can dance, and that what he is looking at money the system is wrong. and If i were Brittany Spears I would be mad they were comparing SHannon to her because they look nothing alike. Go Harlem. . I would buy his CD way before Shannons matter of fact I would not buy Shannons. Just my opinion.

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    Well I am delighted Johnny did that...what some may call a hospital worker I call an old has been liar LOL>> I noticed he did his pathetic stuff about his age yet again last nite, showed his baby pics but NO mention of his former name and recording contract...

    NO this show doesnt have the clout of idol...but I find it funny to see people whos screen names and avatars are still all about clay and then you are upset about johnny and shannon?? LOL>>

    actually Harlemm is stuck in the mediocre hotel in la...going to school for a year until the fall when I guess he goes in the musical...his only other perk is the modeling contract...and I bet they are upset that shannon didnt win too...what on earth can harlemm model?? do his airplane dance for an airline commercial ??

    I bet shannon gets other modeling contract/deal with them too..

    I am also hoping that brandon and alex get contracts...I would like to see the YOUNG and fresh performers do well from this...they dont have the built in audience of idol stars...but maybe they got some good exposure..

    I think gerry woos single isnt going to make it if the song he sang last nite was the indication JMO

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    Gina Z.
    Honestly- wow I do a lot more bashing on this site then I ever have on all the other message boards I've gone on- Johnny wants Shannon because he knows Britney is gonna come back and realize that she's washed up. I don't think it was tacky- shady maybe but not tacky. We were joking last night that Johnny probably went and slit his wrist or something.


    I don't agree with Harlemm's win, but I didn't even agree with the final two. I would've had Brandon in one of those spots. W/E. Whats said is said and whats done is done.

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