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Thread: Johnnie Really Doesn't Want Harlemm

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    Quote Originally Posted by freebiesite
    I do NOT APPRECIATE YOUR BASHING ME....."sad and frustrated"???? the only thing i get frustrated with is people who are 2 faced....soooo looking for "nice" people on all these shows....sooo sweet, and yet if crossed come up with this sort of crap..

    I dont resort to questioning YOUR motives in liking a liar, so dont question mine ok???

    I love the way he has sunk like a stone...NO tv appearances after the first day, NO magazine articles, nothing in tabloids.. now it seems that he isnt guaranteed much of a part in the play LOL>>

    The reason I said the hotel living might be mediocre is because of the "insider" info posted on the thread of how they were treated during the show..remember?? the show was really shabby to them, compared to the luxury living on most reality shows....ie, 35 bucks a day for food, no free massages, pedicures, facials like Idol, no free clothes, and THEY claimed they were living in a mediocre hotel...

    Harlemm Lee/Gerry Woo and all his sniveling and posturing are fading away fast....and hopefully Carnie with him JMO The final ratings were beyond horrible....you sure dont see him on any shows like the Idols were on...do ya ???

    I hope we hear from shannon, brandon and alex...but they may not wish to even associate themselves with the debacle of fame I think Debbie Allen hurt her own repulation too with this poorly thought out show JMO
    Obviously, you read the post and saw yourself in the description. No one called your name, yet you answered.
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