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Thread: Johnnie Really Doesn't Want Harlemm

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    Quote Originally Posted by freebiesite
    ....but NO mention of his former name and recording contract...
    ...I think gerry woos single isnt going to make it if the song he sang last nite was the indication JMO
    Okay, me get this out already, we don't really KNOW for sure that this Gerry Woo guy is really Harlemm! We REALLY don't know his past. We REALLY don't know any of the pasts these contestants have. We don't know JACK about these people! They can all be hardened criminals, sexual predators or even the saintliness of all saints! We can only go by what they tell us! All of you who are critizing Harlemm, or whoever, how would you like it if false information or embarrassingly true information was released about you? How would you feel? Would you like it if the public judge you solely based on that false information or an embarrassing incident? Especially if that information was not a true representation as you as a person?

    Do you guys understand where I'm going with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kocky_Kamikaze
    I've seen his website. he's more into promoting young, bubble gum pop acts. Harlem would do better with a different producer anyway.
    If he hasn't already done so, Harlemm should hire a manager pronto. Harlemm needs an industry professional to look after his interests.

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    Johnnie Doesn't Want Harlemm

    Quote Originally Posted by Buster
    If he hasn't already done so, Harlemm should hire a manager pronto. Harlemm needs an industry professional to look after his interests.
    I agree Buster. The sooner the better on a manager. It was obvious that Johnnie wanted Shannon and I see his point -- she has a better exterior package. Unfortunately, she doesn't have more talent.

    Even here in the Fame thread, we have the inevitable Clay/Ruben controversy. I bought both their singles and think they are both talented, I just prefer Clay's voice because it is unusual, just as I preferred Harlemm because his voice is different, also.

    Shannon be better for not winning this competition. I think Clay is better off for not winning. He hired one of the best entertainment lawyers in the country to negotiate his contract. Ruben was stuck with what AI offered to the winner. Same holds true for Harlemm, even though he gets some added bonuses. I certainly wouldn't want to live in a hotel, I've done enough hotel stays in my lifetime. I could never live without a fully equipped kitchen. I doubt they threw in free unlimited room service and besides, I don't want to wait to have coffee delivere in the morning, lol.

    I wish them all the best. I hope all of the finalists achieve some measure of success.

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    Please don't start the Clay/Ruben crap in this thread, and if you have something to say to another member, please use PMs

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    Hi, new here, but I have to say something!

    Y'all may not agree with Johnny offering Shannon a deal and that's fine. And you may think that Johnny's a horrible choice for Harlemm. But his track record speaks for itself. He is an amazing manager! WIRE Records is just his label -- all that he can do is not summed up in the artists that are currently on that label. (It's still new) Wright Entertainment Group is another entity. He wouldn't have so many big-name clients if he couldn't get the job done! Check out the site for WEG and see his clients before you say that Harlemm is doomed. He's in good hands! WEG Music - A friend of mine is managed by Johnny and is quite happy with all that WEG can do.

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    All Over The Place! That is good information to know. Real professionals don't nit pick or boo hoo about the past. They have a job to do and concentrate on getting it done. How else are they going to be successful?

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    Before the actualy winner was announced, Johnny said right on the air that Shannon is the winner. He was going on and on. Then, when it's Harlemm's turn to bask in the spotlight as the winner, Johnny offers Shannon a deal, too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abelard
    "Tomorrow" is not a little girl's song. It is a song from a musical that can be sung by a man or a woman. Harlemm did a great job with it, making it less annoying and treacly.

    I got the impression, too, that Wright REALLY wanted Shannon so he can mold her into a lousy performer. But, geez, I don't think she can sing, always off-pitch, off-key, flat, shrieky, mimicking others. She's already a lousy performer. I think she should stick to dancing.

    Fortunately, the callers liked Harlemm.
    Harlemm did an incredible job...Tomorrow is really a little girl's song...but should we be so sexist?

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    Tomorrow is a song that was written for a little girl character, but so was "Over the Rainbow." Does Patti LaBelle get dissed for singing it because she's not a little girl? Did Whitney Houston get dissed for remaking "The Greatest Love of All" because a man originally sang it? The best singers make any song they sing new with their own interpretation of it. Harlemm did that each time he performed. I raised an eyebrown when I realized what song he was singing, but as usual, he did a fantastic job with it. The song belongs to whomever is singing it at the time if the singer is good enough.

    Btw, the hotel is in NY, not LA - it's been pretty clearly stated in, oh, every episode. Let's find out from people who have actually stayed there before whether it's mediocre, shall we?

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    My 2 cents:

    I don't see what Johnny did as taking away from Harlemm's moment of glory, but more as lessening the pain of Shannon's loss.

    Also, as far as I can tell, Fame is not televised live. It is up to the directors and producers to choose which of the judge's comments to show. They could have cut it out and no one but those in the audience would have known. Obviously, the directors did not see his comment as a slap at Harlemm or they would have cut it.

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