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Thread: Johnnie Really Doesn't Want Harlemm

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    Shannon is practically married already, & last I check the whole female pop thing was DOA. & maybe jackass johnny should just do his job instead of complaining about how hard HE THINKS its gonna be.
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    JoJo must be quite full from all the humble pie he probably has eaten. I'm sure both have gotten over it and will work together for a common goal.

    It would be great if Harlemm did an ad for an airline. He doesn't seem to be too. It has been said on another thread that ideals have changed since the 70's. Why would someone not root for an Asian man to make it against the odds? After all, (Per FreebieSite "as for "all models look alike"...hello this is NOT 1975...".)

    I wouldn't mind being in a good hotel with room service and free rent. All around, he has a great package and deserves it! Goodness, I'm so glad that I wouldn't have had sour grapes if he lost. I rooted for Clay and he was not the winner of AI2, but I also recognized Ruben's talent and definately would not criticize anyone's appearance or history. But that's just me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gina Z.
    Honestly- wow I do a lot more bashing on this site then I ever have on all the other message boards I've gone on- Johnny wants Shannon because he knows Britney is gonna come back and realize that she's washed up. I don't think it was tacky- shady maybe but not tacky. We were joking last night that Johnny probably went and slit his wrist or something.


    I don't agree with Harlemm's win, but I didn't even agree with the final two. I would've had Brandon in one of those spots. W/E. Whats said is said and whats done is done.
    Johnnie is probably in his office at Wired Records trying to find a cardboard box and closet to shove Harlemm into....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buster
    I think Johnnie made it clear that of the final four, he prefers Shannon. It actually took some of the spotlight and thunder away from Harlemm's win when Johnnie offered Shannon a deal.

    The more diplomatic thing for Johnnie to do would have been to offer the deal to Shannon off camera.

    I agree 100%. I think what he did was unfair and tacky. I'm afraid that Harlemm won't get the FAME he should because of this. I just hope that when he performs on the Broadway production, he brings the house down.

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    Johnny was wrong.

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    Hey everyone - that is show business.

    Fame cannot compare to A2 at all.

    As for Johnny we knew who he liked all along so there it is.

    Harlemm is great and let's see what happens in the next year.

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    Wonderful. The public also thought Johnny was wrong. But as a professional, he will do his best to help Harlemm in his career. It's to his advantage to do so, or he could use that cardboard box to pack up his belongings...naw, the smart ones move onward and upward.

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    Shannon, I think she dances very well, she's sexy, attractive but she doesn't sing that well. She's good but not great.

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    Here is Johnny's record company:


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    Quote Originally Posted by ilean4clay
    Johnny was all about easy dollar-signs. The money lust was evidence in his eyes. It was honestly disgusting.
    I've seen his website. he's more into promoting young, bubble gum pop acts. Harlem would do better with a different producer anyway.

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