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Thread: 7/23 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I'm a Clay fan and I don't find it tacky at all. I think the last two both worked very hard to get where they are today and both deserve to be recognized. When Johnny offered the deal to Shannon, too, my eyes welled up. Even though neither one of them were MY personal favorites going in -- I favored Moy -- last night they proved to me they both deserved to be standing where they were.

    So, congrats to them both and good luck!

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    Congratulations to the winners!

    Because only one could be #1 but I am sure they some of them will be seen again.

    Harlem keep it up and do not fade away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caper
    That is a major thing JluvsAHarlemm. Can you tell us what Harlemm's reason was for picking "Tomorrow"? I'm also curious about whether he has needed extra takes to get his numbers right or if my impression that he gets it right the first time is correct.
    Maybe since everyone has seen the show now you could tell us this in the Harlemm thread.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!!

    The three weeks that I was at the show Harlemm never had a retake, He was always spot on.

    As for why he picked Tomorrow...it was something along the lines of he was never giving up on his dreams coming true and that he always kept believing that it could happen tomorrow. People should never give up on their dreams.

    Serena said that she picked her song as she considered it very powerful and patriotic. (for the record I am not American)

    Brandon picked his because he had grown up a lot in the competition and wanted to show the world that he was changing into a man.

    Shannon - I think hers was self-explanitory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by newcp99
    All the top 4 are good most of the time. Only one was very good consistently. He won.
    They all have past of one sort or another, but the name of the game is talent and America got it right.
    A good point. Harlemm never had a bad or weak performance. Some were stronger than others, but none came off as actually poor in any way. That simply cannot be said for the other three.

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    The point about who will be producing is a good one. I think Harlemm has the potential to be a performer with longevity (like a Luther Vandross), where Johnnie Wright seems to produce trendy performers for pop hits. Harlemm is a higher quality performer than that - to top it off, he should really have someone who is behind him. He did say on the second-to-last show that he looks forward to what Harlemm is going to do every week, so at least there's some interest. I just question his commitment. I hope he follows through with quality recordings for a quality performer. I also hope that Harlemm gets to be involved in song choice.

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