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Thread: Justin Jacoby

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    right behind you
    Eny, you have on several occasions, put together the words that were floating around in my head, but made no sense!

    I agree, he is outmatched here.
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    I'll agree too, that he is outmatched here. I am surprised he made it to the top 8. I thought this week his performance was better than usual as he did not seem out of breath. But he still raps without staying with the beat.
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    I listen to a lot of hip hop and for some reason I can't see this kid ever being "great". He might get signed and sell a lot of albums to a bunch of teeny-bopper hip-hoppers... but being great is another thing entirely and he doesn't seem to have it. At best he would be the boy band version of a hip hop star... I guess that's why I am not a talent scout.

    In the context of the show... he doesn't have nearly enough talent to compete with some of these other kids. He is being helped far too much by the fact that he is "different" in that he is a "rapper".

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    He was better this week but seemed out of breath right at the end. He still seems out of his element or in over his head. Amazing that he's lasted this far.

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    I have to praise him for coming up with original material each week, even though what he does isn't really my cup of tea.

    He's a young lad still and this is great experience building stuff.
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    Like others have posted, I give him some credit for writing his own material. But, doesn't he just come up with the words? This to me is not as hard as putting everything together into a song with music.

    The problem I have with anyone writing their own stuff is that there is no way to judge the way the rap/song should sound. If any of the other preformers misses a word, a line or doesn't hit the note right they are called on it. But, with Justin writing his own stuff you just don't know. This too me is unfair to the other contestants who are singers.

    Honestly, do you think he would be the best rapper in the group if they all had to rap?

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    No, No, No - what is he doing still here. Sorry folks he should have gone home and Raymond should have stayed.

    Please, give me a break! I am not heartless but he is not being done any favors.

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    I agree with you guys, that he deserves props for coming up with his own material. Songwriting is actually harder than some people may think, whether he puts it to music himself or not.

    I like Justin as a personality, I like his originality, but I don't think he should win FAME.

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    I still can't watch the show till he's gone. I heard that DJs were makin fun of him on the radio yesterday. They said he's the worst ever. I think they keep him on just for the hype, whether he's good or bad.

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    lol wtf is this guy doing still here? just imagine him winning...what the hell would he do in the musical? ITS A MUSICAL FOR CHRIST SAKES!!!

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