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Thread: Justin Jacoby

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    I did not get to see much of the show last night but the last few performances and, unfortunately, his was one of them. I don't understand (like most of you) how this kid made it in this competition this far. He cannot (and has not) dance he just does that monkey walk around the stage. I cannot understand a word he is "rapping" and he definitely does not fit the "triple-threat" ideal they are supposedly looking for.
    I don't understand how they can keep him around when he just doesn't meet the criteria.

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    The audience voted him through. I was surprised that he advanced while Garry didn't. I do think that Garry's attitude did him in but he was talented and deserved to stay in the competition. Guess his attitude didn't meet the critera of part of a triple threat.

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    i listen to hip-hop/rap music, and Justin is the worst artist ive heard to date. I admit that rapping live is much more difficult and does not sound as good as studio, but this guy is horrendous. He has absolutely zero breath control, his delivery is off, and his lyrics are weak, i agree w/ anna i am hoping for a spoiler that can actually rap

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    I gave him a chance because the first time he did the rap , it seemed genuine. The fourth time around doing the exact same routine, it's tiresome.
    Cute kid, sorry you had a sucky life but you are no triple threat . As someone else said, you are barely a single threat.

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    That was just a little cruel , but you are right he is barely a single threat.

    I hope he gets more experience and growth in his field of rapping but I still say he does not belong on Fame.

    Justin life is a roller coaster ride up and down all the time. Get use to it and make the best of it.

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    The only threat about him is the one his dad probably made to the producers. Don't kick him off...or else.

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    Once again - RAPPING is NOT SINGING!
    Mix in his bad attitude.... he needs to go home.

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    I honestly am a BIG fan of rap music and think it involves a great deal of talent. However, he DOES NOT HAVE IT! It's unfortunate that people are equating him with rap music. He should be gome because of lacking talent, and not because he is a "rapper." I think rap music should have a place in this competition, but I just think it's atrocious for Justin to consider himself a rapper.

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    Hum, still not impressed with him performing. I think maybe he should be a writer. I love his energy and dedication. However once again he raps without any regard to the music or the beat. Also his lack of breath control can not be ignored. I do like that he writes his own material - that is impressive.
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    I agree drkim, coming up with original material is impressive.
    I have found that some of his lyrics are really rather good (not that I know a whole lot about rapping).

    You can tell there are times that he really isn't with the music or following the beat though and that does detract from the verall performance imo.

    I do like the fact that he listens to the judges comments and is very respectful of Debbie though. I find that very sweet.
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