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Thread: I was at the Last Two Shows

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    I was at the Last Two Shows

    If you want to know what happened during the tapings and the down time during the show let me know.

    As for Hot Lunch....before they did that dance they had at least 30 mins to practice.

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    wow.. is that for real? i would like to know what happened... thanks!

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    What in particular would you like to know as a lot of stuff happens?

    I will post my review here of what happened and then you can ask away.

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    all of the above, please?

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    Here is My review from two weeks ago....when Alex and Justin were cut.

    Fame Spoilers.

    My friend Tasha and I got in line at about 9:45 am and we were
    numbers twenty one and twenty two. I chatted to the people behind me
    in line as well as the group in front as they were all Harleem Lee
    fans. Unfortunately, we were soon outnumbered with Justin Jacoby and
    Alex fans. While we were waiting in line the producers came by to
    interview people. As I was the only one in line at the time, and I
    think period, with a Harlemm sign I almost got interviewed but they
    ran out of time before I moved to the waiting area.

    Sitting behind us in the waiting area were the VIPS, friends and
    family of the contestants. I have to give the award to nicest family
    members to Serena's family with Alex's family coming in a close
    second. Serena's family want to go and see American Juniors - for
    the record they like Chauncey, Taylor and Tori.

    Finally we got to go inside and who, thanks to God and my lucky
    outfit was walking in beside me DENZEL WASHINGTON. All I can say
    is.....oh my fudge how nice is he. Very quiet and wearing a baseball
    cap. I wasn't sure it was him so I kept staring being the dork that
    I am and he flashed that mega-watt smile. I am still not over it
    yet. I walked beside him coming out too and when I left I waved and
    he flashed me another smile and waved back.

    The Rest of the Show:

    Since I haven't seen it yet I don't know if they show me....lol. But
    I do know that you can hear me. I was a VERY VOCAL Harlemm fan. I
    was wearing a green, lite blue, dark blue and red line top with lots
    of sparkles and tan pants. I was holding a sign that said Harlemm =
    FAME and Harlemm!!! We'll Remember Your Name. When they announced
    Harlemm had made it I jumped out of my seat and held up the sign
    while screaming. Same deal at the end of his song. Same deal when
    they showed the recaps. Same deal when all the judges complimented
    him. Honestly, I think people were getting a little sick of me as
    most of the audience was Justin and Alex fans and they were upset.

    Chucky D - the audience motivator was scary and annoying. Possibly a
    little funny but not sure yet. During the breaks, most of them, he
    was reving up the crowd or having the audience members bust a move.
    Fun to watch that and there were some great dancers in the house.

    Joey Fatone - funny dude. He said that he was going to be releasing
    a comedy CD, ala Jimmy Fallon or Adam Sandler and he performed one
    of this songs. BUY ME A LIVER - it was so funny. He also said that
    the next NSYNC CD will be out in March, that they are performing in
    a charity event soon and that Lance is not going into space...made a
    crack about the money issue. He also messed up his line before
    Carnie's comments about 5 times, as they were retaping at the end of
    the show, and everyone was busting up.

    If you hear a lot of audience laughter between the person been
    revealed and the scary music it is because the prompter kept going
    out and no one knew what to do.

    After Joey finally got his flubbed lines right Alex came out and
    sang his song. He sang it to a little girl who was a big fan, her
    Dad was sitting with me and almost in tears, and came into the
    audience for the whole song.

    Justin then came out and took off his shirts so he was bare chested
    and did his original rap. There was a little slam on Johnny thrown
    in there and Johnny seemed to like it....lol. During Justin's song
    all of the contestants, apart from Tyce, came out and danced along
    in the background and cheered him on.

    They all posed for a group pic after and Tyce came out too. Justin
    was giving Harlemm a piggy back ride in the pic and it looked really
    cute. Shannon was crying and Justin did a shout out to his fans and
    family. I think that Alex took it better than Justin.


    Harlemm was amazing and he sang one of my fav songs ever. I don't
    know if he saw my sign. Some of the others did but I am a little
    short. I am going to go back next week to see it again.

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    This is last week when Harlemm sang Vogue

    Outside : This time we left even earlier Took my friend from last
    week and she brought a friend, who by the end of the show was
    converted to the Planet of Harlemm. She has 6 phones she is doing 5
    calls from tonight and I have 3 phones ready.

    Alison's sister....they look so alike I swear they must be twins came
    by us a few times in the line and Justin Jacoby came too.

    The excecutive producer came by to get people to do interviews and I
    am proud to say this week I was not a chicken and did one. They
    liked me as I was the only person in line with a sign and I had voted
    for Harlemm from 3 phones last week. They asked me who should win and
    I yelled Harlemm. They asked me why should Harlemm win and I said
    because he is a triple threat and that he pulls everyone in to his
    performances. They asked me who I voted for last week and I said
    Harlemm on three phones. They asked me why Harlemm was a triple
    threat and I gave them a whole bunch of reasons. They asked me who
    should be eliminated next and I said Tyce. They asked why and I said
    he can dance but he can't sing and you need to be able to do both at
    least to win the competition. They asked me to do a cheer for Harlemm
    at end and I screamed so loud that the whole line heard me.

    When I got past security and eventually got to my final sitting space
    outside I asked the girl behind me in the VIP section who was she
    here for and she told me that she was Harlemm's sister.
    WOOOHOOOO....lol. So I showed her my sign and told her how amazing I
    thought Harlemm was and she told me that his Mum and Dad were on the
    way from the airport but weren't there yet. I told her about his
    yahoo group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Harlemm_Lee_Fans/) and she
    said that she would check it out and tell Harlemm about it.


    At the beginning I was sitting right beside the band. I talked to
    Justin Jacoby, who was very nice to me, and also saw Alex and
    Raymond. Raymond sang a Micheal Jackson song during one of the
    commericals. I was moved to the center of the third row : to my right
    Harlemm's family, to my left Brandon's family ( who were hella
    cool), and behind me Shannon's family.

    As for what you didn't see at the end of the show Alison came out and
    sang her song, Hopelessly devoted to You and Harlemm was the only one
    watching her from stage left and gave her a big hug when she came off

    Moy also had to retape part of her elimination when Debbie asked her
    that question. It was really hard to watch the second time as she was
    almost in tears.

    Tyce was pretty sure that Brandon was going to beat him and yes the
    audience was hella loud when Brandon advanced.

    See my I MET HARLEMM thread for more Harlemm stuff.

    This is how I would rank them tonight:

    1.) Brandon
    2.) Harlemm
    3.) Shannon
    4.) Serena

    Who I think should win:
    1.) Harlemm
    2.) Brandon
    3.) Shannon
    4.) Serena

    My Predictions on How it Will Go:
    1.) Harlemm
    2.) Serena
    3.) Brandon
    4.) Shannon

    After Watching Myself on TV.

    Peace2u - I found out why Denzel was there last week. Apparently some
    of his kids go to school with Brandon and he is the on the school

    Things that Were Edited Out and Where You Can See My Signs.

    First off you can see me in the opening shot and in all shots that
    come in over the crowd. I am the 3rd row back and the 6th person in.

    When they introduced Harlemm at the beginning that is me starting the
    screaming. NEVER hang a mic near me if you want to hear others....lol

    In the Motown Medley - in every Harlemm solo it is me
    screaming...lol....my Mum even came into the room when she heard me
    scream at the Ain't No Mountain High Enough solo and said that was
    you right?

    You can see my : Harlemm!!!! We'll Remember Your Name Sign when they
    announce he is moving on....little old me on the right side of the
    screen and after Vogue.

    After Harlemm finishes Vogue, they show the view from where Harlemm
    is standing and you can see my Harlemm = FAME sign on the left of the
    screen. That is when he saw it.

    You can also see Harlemm = FAME when Harlemm is done answering
    Debbie's question.

    When Debbie Allen made the joke about salt and pepper being left they
    cut out Tyce and Brandon's reaction which was a shame as it was so

    Justin did a rap in one of the commericals and Ray sang a Micheal
    Jackson (don't know the name : Oh Baby Give Me One More Chance???)
    Alex started to sing but then we came back.

    When Brandon was announced I wish they had done a shot of the
    audience. EVERYONE with the exception of Tyce's family was up and
    screaming. So much fun.

    At the end of the Hot Lunch dance you can see my sign and yes I
    started the screaming on Harlemm's solo moves.

    When Johnny and Carnie gave Harlemm props I was screaming
    again...lol....they edited out a comment about Johnny dissing on
    Brandon's clothes.

    They edited out JoJo talking about Serena's pitch.

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    what about the hot lunch thing? did they just put that at the spir of the moment kinda thing? like they had only 30 mins to learn everything... if so, that would have been amazing!

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    I think that all of the contestants had learnt the song but when they found out who had made it on they used 30 mins to practice it with just those 4 backstage.

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    Here is what I posted about meeting Harlemm

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    From: "Joelle "
    Date: Thu Jul 17, 2003 2:00 am
    Subject: Melissa - I Met Harlemm


    I will post more, a lot more, about the show later.

    I met Harlemm's sister before the show and showed her my Harlemm
    signs and told her about the group. I actually was able to sit in
    the same row as Harlemm's Mum and Dad. I talked to his Mum and
    sister on the way out and they were so nice to me.

    As I was leaving I ran into a friend of Harlemm's and when I was
    walking to my car he said, there he is right there. So I asked him
    if he would sign my sign and he said sure. He asked how to spell my
    name and then when he was done I asked if I could come back in and
    have a picture with him. He was in the VIP section with the other
    contestants and family members. He said yes and luckily I was let
    in. Then I told him about this group, or I could have told him while
    he was signing the sign....lol. Then I got my picture taken with him.

    So he knows about us and I think one of his friends at the show said
    that he had joined here the other day. He was very pleased to hear
    about the group and sent a big thank you to everyone here.

    Harlemm - if you ever read this. You and your family were so nice to
    me even though I was a little overly enthusiastic. You were awesome
    today and thanks for being so gracious to me.

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    cool.. thanks for the cool reviews.. it's really fun to hear about Harlemm.. and how nice he is!! I would really really love to meet him sometime!!

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