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Thread: Will You Watch Fame Next Season?

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    Only if the talent is really there. Otherwise, not a chance in heck.

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    I'd like to see another production of Fame but with Debbie Allen taking a much more behind the scenes role. IMO she really took a lot of interest from the show by challenging every negative comment the judges made. If they weren't supposed to give their honest opinions then they weren't needed. She also hogged the stage from Joey. He wasn't really the "host"-he was there to stand next to Debbie.

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    Gina Z.
    I'll watch, and if they come to Dallas I'll try out. I think content wise its better than American Idol, it just can't pull in the same amount of viewers.

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    Gina Z. If you try out, let us know so we can root for you!

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    no way would i torture myself in watching one of the most boring singing competetion in America. The talent was lacking and that was the main reason why the ratings of the show went down 'Titanic Style'. I would only watch if they dramatically improve the concept and STICK to it through out otherwise it is just a cheap imitation of American Idol and they will never see their ratings go up if they overhaul their show and make it interesting and exciting to the viewers at home.

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    I would tune in for the first five minutes, and if it hadn't dramatically improved, I would just find something else to watch. It was pitifully boring this season, and I didn't care for any of the hosts, judges, or contestants. It was a cheap ripoff of American Idol and I'm glad it got the low ratings it deserved.

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