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Thread: Does anyone know what the process will be for the Final Show

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    Just a bit of info

    I was at the tapings the last few weeks and they mentioned that FAME is in the works for coming back for another season. It was also said that the season was shortened because they weren't able to get copyrights to the more recent songs that they wanted.

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    JMO...that was the producers covering their butts...IF this was a hit they could get all the permission to use songs that they want...the ratings are why this show is being cut short..

    as for tonite?? in my tv lisitings it is only one hour...I would have thought they would do a 2 hour show..but no ...sooo...I do hope they do the fame number and I came to work...best stuff of the whole show I think...JMO

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    "copyrights to the more recent songs that they wanted."

    What in the world do they mean by that? Anyone can cover any song. It's just the publishing and recording rights that are policed.

    I think its the bulls* baffles brains there. We aren't closing down early because NO one is watching, the production stinks and the whole thing has gone in the toilet.No, we have closed up shop early because we couldn't get copyrights. Yeah right ...

    I am shocked its gotten so bad they couldn't even talk the network to free up an extra hour for a proper FINALE. Poor contestants....

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