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Thread: 7/16 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    chrome- "not even madonna would have thought of that"? That doesnt make sense at all. madonna's not 35, not bald, and shes the one who ORIGINALLY sang the song. sorry, but harlemm scares me.
    well, i predicted that these four were gonna be the final four last episode, but im still angry cause i miss alex. i loved that they showed him at the beginning, and alex baby, we certainly wont forget you!also, what the froth is with those outfits on the girls. and moys hair. anyone here see goldmember? she looks like beyonce with that rats nest. i liked her hair short. as with the guys, i have to admit, when a guy wears all black, its kinda sexy, but not on harlemm...
    serena-wow, her voice gets better and better. i used to not like her, but now i dont. the only problem is she is the weakest dancer of the 4,but i still like her.

    harlemm- surprise surprise...35, short and bald??? i didnt think yo could just make up lyrics, unless you were justin jacoby.....and wait a minute, didnt he say he was 37? this guy is really suspicious...

    shannon- the 2nd whitney song of the night. not her worst performance. i thought fighter was the worst, but as it was said before, she is really not top notch with ballads. she got beter towards the end of the song, and i think she is an amazing dancer

    brandon- yay for brandon! i said to myself if alex doesnt win, then i hope he does. he is incredibly smooth, and only 16?

    i think shannon and brandon will make the most out of what they do if they win, considering theyre both young. however, shannon's getting married soon, so her appeal to young men might die down. harlemm, whether he is 37 or 35, may not have a huge carrer ahead of him. i mean, hes approaching 40...and i realize madonna and cher have had long carrers, but thats becasue they were big in their 20's. thats why brandons my #1 pick. because he has longevity


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sepialove
    Moy had a poodle on her head
    Moy outfit was according to Simon on AI "dreadfull" and her hair looked as thought she was ready to perform at the circus . Overall she was the laughing stock at my house last night. Debbie Allen needs to quit advertising that she is available to the men of America by having her Booms at the 'door' everyweek because all that is doing is distracting me when she is speaking.

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    I will say on the whole the "Fame" series has been entertaining, but not for the right reasons. Debbie's cackling just cracks me up!!! I could not get over her hair last night. I thought Moy was trying to be a Beyonce wanna-be from the Austin Powers movie. The wig was truly frightening. I was disappointed in Harlemm's performance, and Brandon really caught me by surprise.

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    I think Johnny is looking at Shannon with dollar signs in his eyes. Of the four, Shannon is the most marketable to middle America. It doesn't matter that she's not the best singer. Britney can't sing and neither can J-Lo, but they're huge stars. Johnny can do the same with Shannon -- hide her weak voice with studio trickery.

    Harlemm is going to be a hard-sell to middle America. The fact that he tries so hard to show that he's different and unique may hurt him in the marketing sweepstakes.

    Brandon is still so young that he's done extremely well just by making it to the finals. He's already a success because he made the final cut of a network talent competiton at the age of 16.

    Serena's weakness is her dancing. She is not a good dancer. But once the competition is over, it won't matter. No one expects Aretha, Whitney or Mariah to dance. Fans of R&B divas don't expect their divas to dance.

    I think that Shannon is going to win Fame. She has the biggest potential fanbase of all the finalists.

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    Okay, I had to watch the tape again to make sure I did not get Debbies comment wrong, here is a minor correction.
    "...along with them is our spoiler who performed for the last time last week, no! for the 1st time last week, honey I am so nervous."

    That was at the very beginning of the show.

    I also wanted to post another quote.
    "...at the end of the day I want to do something crazy, I want to take chances, I want to gamble, I want to take a risk." --Harlemm Lee

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    Quote Originally Posted by drkim

    When they came out, poor Serena and Moy looked terrible. That cut of skirt was bad for their muscularly thick thighs. Shannon and Allyson looked good. I also hated all the wigs - I know it was for a theme, but I still hated them.
    Disagree. Tina Turner has the same kind of muscular thick thighs and legs and she wore tiny mini skirts. Tina has also worn some outrageous wigs in her day. She's also a legend whose career crossed the boundaries between rock, pop, and R&B and spanned more than 30 years. Your beloved Shannon copped her dance style from Miss Turner.

    I think anyone could take it. I really don't have a clue who will win. As for me, I voted for Shannon but don't really care who will win. I won't be following any of them after this show.
    Agree. This show has not made me want to buy any of the participants CDs.

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    Is next week the last show?

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    i think it is eldee.

    i am posting this to say goodbye to everyone, ive been PMed by a moderator saying i was undermining them or some bull like that...and i do not wish to be on a board that doesnt respect their board members...all i had posted was that I was talking about an AMERICAN JUNIORS spoiler not a Fame spoiler but w/e. It was nice chatting with you all, well most...let's hope the best person wins!

    Um some moderator was me. Instead of posting crap like this you could have pm'd me, So I guess I'll just respond in public as you did. When a mod asks you to cool it and takes the time to re explain the board rules you agreed to when you signed on....do that. I apologize - perhaps you are too young to understand the rules concept, or the fact it's a private board and you are a guest.
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    Thanks for the info Kaelan and good luck to you. Keep enjoying reality tv.

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    All of the final 7 contestants probably rehearsed that final group number everyone is talking about. They certainly had enough time to do so, and it's would not be very hard to knock out three of them and perform. I'm sure they all had to know it in case they were in the Final Four.

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