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Thread: 7/16 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Hi...gotta chime in here...

    I thought the whole show was "off"..what was with the hair??Poor Moy had to say goodbye with that huge wig thing on her head? ouch..

    Debbie looked like a small town Pagent Judge at a Little Miss Soybean contest or something...and carnie?? Ouch...pigtails...owww...

    as for the performances?? shannon and/or brandon all the way...shannon sounded good I thought, looked great, danced the best in group number..

    brandon was sooo smooth for 16, maybe little over the top vocals, did great..

    serena was not as annoying as before ...not oversinging and doing her rolley coaster riffs...but wow she is sooo..dull..sounds like she has sung the same whitney songs over and over ..probably has..

    harlemm was just....not good..IMHO>>> he never really "sings" a song that I would want in my cd player, want to listen to or dance to...he does these dramatic "build ups" or intros and dances his kung fu and then..nothing..
    the "35, short bald" was such a phoney thing too...how shameless and cloying..why not add "and I lied about my age and I lied about my name">>>UGH...

    Tyce?? HI...bye..much ado about nuttin...dance on...bye bye

    this show is going down hill and I doubt there will be a fame 2 or a cd or anything about it...their ONLY hope is that one of the younger 2 win ...shannon or brandon and can pull off a PR miracle...otherwise..bye fame JMO

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    I thought Harlemm was very original tonight, no one else would have come up with that. Not even Madonna herself.

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    I thought tonight's show was pretty good. I still enjoy this show, thought not as much as some other reality shows. I'm not going to really care who wins. I wished Allyson would have made the final 4 - I just really enjoy her dancing. Like I said earlier, Tyce didn't change anything at all. Moy's inconsistency got her - she's either on or off it appears. Still really like her.

    When they came out, poor Serena and Moy looked terrible. That cut of skirt was bad for their muscularly thick thighs. Shannon and Allyson looked good. I also hated all the wigs - I know it was for a theme, but I still hated them.

    In the first group number you could really tell the dancers - Allyson and Tyce rocked, Shannon looked really good, Brandon looked pretty good, Harlemm looked so-so, and Moy and Serena looked really bad by comparison. At least every solo was pretty good. They were all on-key!!!

    Serena - I liked this. I loved her outfit, really I did. She needs some work of breath control, but I thought it was the strongest vocal performance of the night hands down.

    Harlemm - For me, he has slumped the past 2 weeks. I just didn't enjoy it like I did his first performances. I didn't think this was a winning performance and I didn't like his attempt to scat.

    Shannon - Dissappointed in her tonight. She really should stick to faster songs with dancing. She sings much better to uptempo numbers. She may have blown it tonight with that ballad. I really think an uptempo number with her amazing dancing might have sealed the win. She did have pitch problems.

    Brandon - His best performance ever IMO. And he didn't dance??? I was impressed. Still I liked Allyson more than him for some strange reason. Unlike Jo Jo, he still in my #4 pick for tonight.

    Last group number - Shannon danced the best and looked superior to everyone else. This dancing may save her from a poor vocal performance. She really stole this number. I had to rewind and watch again in order to watch anyone else. Brandon and Harlemm did good also. Looked more like backup dancers for shannon, but they certainly did all the moves well. Serena looked like a comic relief. She messed up so many times and just looked poor in comparison. Best singing but worst dancing tonight for her.

    I think anyone could take it. I really don't have a clue who will win. As for me, I voted for Shannon but don't really care who will win. I won't be following any of them after this show.

    But I did enjoy watching and would watch FAME again if they have FAME 2.
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    The best part of FAME tonight has been this thread. You guys are freaking hilarious! Of course, they DID gave us a lot to make fun of.

    I'm with kaelan - "im wondering if they knew who made it already... because how would they know where to do in this group number if they hadnt?"

    Is it possible that the group number was taped after an intermission so that they could figure out the dance moves? Very strange.

    I don't get Serena - I wish I could hear her just sing a song as it was written, because I think I'd probably like it, but I guess that just isn't what Serena is all about.

    Harlemm was... well, Harlemm. What else can I say?

    I have been surprised by Shannon. I didn't like anything she did AT ALL until last week. Her dancing tonight was excellent, and even though her voice is nothing near Whitney's, I thought she did pretty well with the song.

    I thought Brandon had the best performance tonight. I'm blown away by all that poise and talent coming out of a 16 yr-old. So I voted tonight for the first time since the very first show, for Brandon.

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    I definately think they knew something.

    “...along with them is our spoiler who performed for the last time last week, oooh the first time last week, oh honey I am so nervous” Debbie Allen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrome
    I definately think they knew something.

    “...along with them is our spoiler who performed for the last time last week, oooh the first time last week, oh honey I am so nervous” Debbie Allen
    I missed that one.

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    Ok, wow, I have SO much to say! First, I want to let you guys
    know that I love being a part of this forum, and reading your
    reviews! Before I forget---Chrome, I really thought you
    were being sarcastic about how Well Harlemm did...but I guess
    you weren't so lets start with Harlemm--

    I really look forward to each week to see what he does,
    and up until tonight I really liked his performances because
    they were always unique, his vocals were awesome, and
    his passion just engaged me. I really tried to like his
    performance this week but it was too hard---vogue?? and what
    is up with the kung-fu and the pointing? and the scat and dumb
    rap? "old people power!" i dunno, I still like him, but he's not my
    choice anymore---Serena---still love her voice, but she over
    did it again, and she Never dances except kicking her leg up
    in the air---Shannon---horrible! I still don't know why she
    is so beloved---I guess its the Britney appeal, which isn't a put
    down cause I like Britney, but just like Britney---Shannon
    does not have a strong voice---Brandon---excellent I knew
    since day one that he had "it" but he was always overshadowed
    he impressed me with his vocals on Stevie's knocks me off my feet, and Ain't no sunshine, and again tonight after last weeks
    horrible performance

    Group numbers--first one---boring. Second one--loved it!!
    I always thought Shannon was an awesome dancer, and
    she proved it again tonight. Fabulous!! But Brandon is
    just as talented---and only 16! Wonderful! So Johnny is
    looking at the most marketable, and I guess it's Shannon---
    after all, Britney is still on hiatus until this fall---so whatever
    But after truly truly analyzing everything, Brandon should
    win it---he's the closest to a triple threat---great singer,
    awesome dancer! I'm glad the judges finally jumped off
    the Serena bandwagon cause she can't dance! I love you
    Harlemm but not to win! Yes, I miss Tyce, but he'll just
    go on to dance with another superstar again cause he's
    awesome!!!! In closing---I know this is LOOOONG---Chrome
    made a good call with Debbie's mistaken comment (see above
    threads) the show is shady, but I like it, I won't be too
    disappointed at whoever wins if not Brandon, and I want a
    Fame2!!! Thanks!!!!

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    Chrome said:
    I definately think they knew something.

    “...along with them is our spoiler who performed for the last time last week, oooh the first time last week, oh honey I am so nervous” Debbie Allen

    ROFLOL>>> I heard that too ...funny huh??

    again they "changed up" the show...they cut down on the drawn out "millionaire" lights and music leading up to the winners/losers....and it seemed to me that none of them were "surprized" this week..

    I agree that that last dance with the 4 of them was preplanned...I think it would have been too hard to rehearse with all of them and the variables too great...I agree they probably all knew who was staying or going this week especially...maybe the others they didnt..but yes..I agree,,,they KNEW LOL

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    I have to agree this show is vary shady but Harlemm is the man!

    Brandon gets better each week and I still miss Alex.

    The rest are so so and I would not buy their CDs.

    Yes I cracked up when Debbie made her faux pas.

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    Aww, I fast forwarded thru all the yammering so I missed Debbie's slip of the tongue! It might be worth watching again just to see that.

    I still like Harlemm. He's offbeat and does some odd things but I just like the guy. Maybe he just has a special appeal to 30-something females like Carnie and me?

    For the FIRST time, Brandon impressed me. About 2 bars into his song I said "Finally, something suitable for his voice!" He was really good last night. If he sang like that every time he could and should win. He didn't sing like that every time, but being 16 years old he has time to develop his talent so I won't be disappointed if he wins this thing.

    Shannon is good but yeah, Britney-Lite.

    Serena, sorry babe. Just can't get into you at all.

    I am NOT sorry to see Tyce go byebye.

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