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Thread: 7/16 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by dosqueen
    Please can I have the numbers for Harlemm and Brandon? Thanks!!!
    Here ya go:

    Harlem's: 1-866-956-FAME
    Brandon: 1-866-953-FAME
    Shannon: 1-866-950-FAME

    Anyone know Serena's number? She's one of my faves and I didn't get a chance to write it down. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaelan
    lol its all good, i was on another board and they posted it also. no biggit i was just messin with ya=)
    okay kool lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Godzchyld
    Here ya go:

    Harlem's: 1-866-956-FAME
    Brandon: 1-866-953-FAME
    Shannon: 1-866-950-FAME

    Anyone know Serena's number? She's one of my faves and I didn't get a chance to write it down. :/

    Thank you!!!

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    quick! everyone vote for shannon! her number isnt even busy! lol

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    I voted for Shannon!

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    I took 4 pages of notes on tonight’s show 'cause my friend who usually watches with me is busy tonight, so I'm re-capping for her. Here's my take:

    After a big disappointment last week, this week’s show was outstanding! When the show started, I thought “Ok, next to last show, I can’t say I’m too excited about the finals next week.” Tonight’s performances sure changed my mind.

    Debbie is wearing a horrid Diana Ross wig. What is she thinking? Showing too much cleavage, again, but at least this time not in danger of falling out. Still a distraction.

    Start with group number of Motown Medley. Boys are wearing basic black, girls are wearing crotch-high minis. Moy is wearing dreadful blond fright wig. Ych! Songs:
    Baby Love - girls sound ok
    Sugar Pie - boys sound awful (sound problems?) girls sing backup sound good.
    Stop in the Name of Love - girls ok
    Can’t get next to you babe - everybody sounds good. Tyce has rebounded from last week’s atrocity. His 1-2 line solo sounds very good.

    Serena is the first promoted, no surprise. I’m Your Baby Tonight (odd choice for her!) . She’s wearing a harem girl outfit, and no bead in her hair for a change. I’m not wild about her performance, but I’m not wild about the song. She’s chilled on the extraneous vocal gymnastics, which is good, but she seems to be having difficulty keeping up with the tempo (still gasping). Still, all in all a more powerful performance than in past weeks.

    Allyson goes home (no big surprise)

    Next to go on: Harlemm! He sings “Vogue” (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?) Barefoot, wearing a vest-tunic outfit apparently still trying for the hip shoalin look made popular by David Carradine. Good performance, not a Madonna impersonation or drag show, but makes it his own. Adds his own rap about being short, bald, 35, and BEAUTIFUL.

    Bye-bye Moy. We love you, but you haven’t performed consistently enough. You’re gorgeous, but what were you thinking with that wig tonight? Did someone attack you and Debbie and force the hair on you?

    Shannon is promoted, singing “I will always love you,” more like Dolly’s version than like Whitney’s, but switching to Whitney on the yoo-hoos. Missing the sweet sadness of Dolly’s version (my favorite, she wrote the song after all). Good performance, though, probably the best I’ve seen Shannon do. This song should be removed from the play list of all future competitions, along with the complete Stevie Wonder catalog.

    YAY!!!! Brandon goes on, Tyce goes home. Sorry, Tyce you really blew it last week.

    Brandon sings “Song for You” soulfully, using the deeper register. Breathtaking! I can really see the girls swooning for this kid (he’s only 16!!). Very impressive!

    Cute shot of Raymond in the audience.

    After each one is promoted, they show a taped “what Fame means to me” and they all mouth some meaningless blather about getting a chance to do what they love to do, yadda, yadda.

    Group dance number using final four (Serena, Harlemm, Shannon, Brandon) dancing to Hot Lunch from Fame movie. Shannon is outstanding, everyone else looks bad next to her. Serena barely keeping up.

    Judges (who cares at this point?)
    Carnie - You all are incredible! I love you all. Serena, I can’t wait to buy your CDs. Harlem’s my favorite. Shannon is consistent, dancing --wow! Brandon won my heart tonight. You’ve grown.

    Johnnie - Same as Carnie. I always look forward to seeing what Harlemm’s going to do. Serena is solid as a rock. Shannon’s not afraid to take a risk (which she did tonight), and deserves to win. Brandon - you made me a believer.

    Jojo - 3 to go next week? Which 3? Shannon, you were a bit pitchy tonight, but overall you’re amazing. Brandon - I always had you pegged for the top 4, but up until tonight you were # 4. Not anymore. You may have just won Fame.

    Judges, who will win next week?
    Jojo- Brandon
    Johnnie - Shannon.

    In my opinion it’s anybody’s game from here. If more younger people vote, it will be Shannon or Brandon. If more older people, it’ll be Serena or Harlemm. I wouldn’t bet serious money on it either way.

    Ditto on the comments above on the amazing coincidence that the boy-girl numbers somehow always come out even. Snort!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dosqueen
    Thank you!!!
    You are very welcome.

    I'm getting frantic though. Does anyone have Serena's Number?! Only a few minutes left to vote...

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    the numbers are the same as theyve always been if that helps

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    Thanks Tracker, I am West Coast, now I have something to look forward to. I can't wait to see the Hot Lunch number, one of my fave songs from FAME. I am so stoked that Harlemm is in the finals, YAY!

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    funny how none of the judges picked Serena after gushing about her for all those weeks.

    What was Johnny thinking when he picked Shannon? Maybe she is the most easily marketable, to a certain extent she may become a 2nd Brittany but I'm sure she'll never be a huge star. On the other hand, Harlemm, maybe harder to market, since we've never marketed him before, but if done the right way, I'm sure he'll not just become a star but a phenomenon. So, I have to agree with Carnie - GO HARLEMM!

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