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Thread: What a Sham/ Fix / Unfair - Rant

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    wow---so many extensive opinions! I'll keep it
    short-blue skye, I loved your little joke about
    justin-really funny! Although Fame lacks the direction it once had, I still look forward to it. I think everyone needs to cut Tyce some slack---
    Shannon's singing isn't much better. My pick is
    Harlemm, although there are better dancers but
    hey-who on the show really has an outstanding voice and outstanding moves together?

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    I still like Alex. He suffered the fate of band sound which made him sound timid. I knew as soon as I heard it he'd be a gonner.

    As a spoiler, Tyce was lame.

    This show is pathetic. It is "confusing" and there really it's a whole lot to care about with these people. There's just not the connection that AI pulled off. It's just so sedate.

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    ilean4clay...I sure agree about the confusion...they needed to pick a format/vision and stick with it..

    IMHO..the show acted like an Idol type show..to find a fresh new talent...

    when reality it is full of performance art school/college dance/singing students and current "unknown professionals" like serena, tyce, and harlemm ..*a has been wannabe..

    odd brew...they COULD have gone 2 ways to make it work..1) find the best student..ie, high school or college dance/singing/drama major...

    or 2) find the best "almost famous"...ie chorus line, one hit wonder, lounge singer...

    the 2 are NOT compatable...

    into this strange brew they threw a few sacraficial lambs like Raymond, Alex and Moy...with NO dance training...there is simply NO way that someone can compete with others who have been in dance school since before kindergarden...NO way...

    then...they add Justin...rapper, cant dance...totally opposite everything and everyone else...couldnt even fit into the group sings..

    the rules changed, they dropped their "I came to work" theme, changed the judging...added stuff to the prize....changed from singing to dancing and back and forth...confusing?> yup..
    and last nite the hairdos on most of the gals confused me too LOL>> changing your whole image on next to last nite was also unbelievable LOL

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    The show is almost over with now. I hope they will review something to only make it better for another season.

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