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Thread: What happened to the Dancing?

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    Isn't this suppose to be about DANCING also?????

    I am sorry but this show is losing it's direction! The only ones that can really dance are Brandon, Shannon, and Allyson. Unfortuantely Allyson had a really a really off night. I am not putting the others down, we all know Harlemm has a great voice, but this show was suppose to be based on singing, dance, and personality. They really need the contestants to perform solo's for dancing or something. Does anybody else feel like the focus has changed????

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    I agree. I'm a dancer, so that's what drew me to the show in the first place. I think the focus has changed a little. I think the judges were always more focused on singing because they picked people who had great voices and weren't strong dancers, like Alex, Serena and Raymond, and they didn't choose people who had strong vocals and great dancing abilities, like Dion. In the semi-finals and in the first round of the finals I didn't think solo dance numbers were really necessary because the group numbers were mostly focused on dancing. Now, the group numbers don't involve a lot of dancing, and some contestants, especially Serena aren't dancing in their solo performances. Since the begining of the show I thought they needed at least one judge that focused on the dancing, since this is a competition for a triple threat. I don't think the judges are really looking for a triple threat because on last night's show, all 3 judges said they thought Serena would make it to the final 3. She's a great singer, but she's not that good of a dancer, you need to be strong in both areas if you're going to be considered a triple threat.

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    Yep, I agree.
    I actually feel as though I don't care if I miss the show now, I was loving it in the first couple of weeks though.

    The show is definitely limping along at the moment.
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    I agree.
    People in other threads are not cutting Tyce ANY slack for his singing- and cutting TONS of slack to others for their dancing, or lack of it.

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    I was thrilled to see them all at least attempting to move this week, as opposed to last when they all planted their feet.

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    Harlemm is a fantastic dancer - remember his audition? Have you seen him in the dance numbers? He hasn't incorporated it as much into his most recent solo performances, and few have. As for capability, though, he's extremely strong. I would like to see more of it from everyone, not just him, so those who can't dance can be kicked out already.

    But yes, the focus has changed to vocals, which is disappointing. Every week it seems like they're trying to do a different show with a different purpose. I would like to see more dance so it can be determined who is what the show was originally looking for.

    Dommage - the show has sold out on itself. Even the judges have forgotten about, or cannot understand dance - Serena is vocally talented but her dancing is the weakest out of all of those remaining, yet she is in two judges' top three.

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    Rate the finalists on dancing alone

    I thought it would be interesting to rate the finalists on dancing then singing alone and see if anyone is high in both lists. IMO we have some great dancers and then some pretty good singers but not both. Who to vote for? Those with dancing talent, or singing? Of course this also depends on if anyone cares anymore. I'll start.

    Dance Ranks

    1. Tyce
    2. Allyson
    3. Shannon
    4. Lauren
    6. Gary
    7. Jamison
    8. Harlemm
    9. Moy
    10. Serena
    11. Alex
    12. Justin
    13. Raymond

    Singing Ranks

    1. Shannon
    2. Harlemm
    3. Serena
    4. Raymond
    5. Allyson
    6. Lauren
    7. Moy
    8. Brandon
    9. Alex
    10. Jamison
    11. Gary
    12. Tyce
    13. Justin

    IMO my top 5 dancers are all great and my top 3 singers are all pretty good. Shannon comes out ahead when I list them like this, followed by Harlemm and Allyson.

    It makes me wonder, is it better to be an awesome dancer, an awesome singer, or a pretty good dancer AND singer??? Obviously awesome dancer and singer has the best chance for FAME, but there are none on this show. I think awesome singers have the best chance for FAME, maybe that's why it seems the judges/voters favor singing over dancing. But I think we have more talent in the dancing area on this show? So who do you vote for?
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    Oh I so agree with all of you. I watched FAME for the dancing - was tired of AI. Go there for singing. But this is turning into a singing competition, which is not why these kids were chosen in the first place. I miss the strong dance numbers. That's why I still like Allyson - good dancer. I started a "rate them as dancers" thread just to see what people thought about their dancing.
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    Wow! I agree with ALL of you. I was just about to create a thread about how the concept of the triple threat is lost. Finally, FINALLY someone agrees with me about the whole Serena thing---Teriffic voice but weak dancing, and yet the judges NEVER mention this, and believe she could win it. And I also agree that they attacked Tyce when he has a decent voice and awesome dance moves---in my opinion, his voice is just as impressive as Shannon's, and better than Moy's voice. They just attacked him because he's had more years of training. Anyway, I believe that Harlemm should win this competition because he has awesome presence and personality, a great voice, and although he is not as technically advanced as Shannon, Allyson, or Brandon, he is a really good dancer. Personally, I believe that although the show is about singing and dancing, Johnny Wright is more concerned about singing because he is putting one of these people on his label, and he wants a strong singer like Serena for security. By the way, I am an Allyson fan also---even though she does not do pop/country songs well, she is a triple threat, and I hope she does Broadway someday.

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    1.Tyce (incredible)
    2.Allyson (technically on point)
    3.Shannon (technical, and up there with Britney)
    4.Brandon (funky with good technique)
    5.Gary (same as Brandon)
    6.Lauren (great, technically adavanced too)
    7.Harlemm (not technical, but good)
    8.Jamisen (the girl can move)
    9.Moy (good club dancer)
    10. Alex (ok, did good in first small group number)
    11. Justin (can move a little, good harlem shake)
    12. Serena (yeah, she never dances)
    13. Raymond (neither did he)


    1. Serena (come on now, beautiful voice)
    2. Harlemm (really, really strong)
    3. Brandon (not while he's dancing, but good ballad)
    4. Lauren (strong voice)
    5. Gary (reallly good except for a couple pitches)
    6. Raymond (nice, but doesn't blow me away)
    7. Allyson (strong but only for broadway)
    8. Shannon (#1? um...no? Kinda yells)
    9. Alex (smooth, but not strong)
    10. Jamisen (not strong)
    11. Moy (doesn't do it for me)
    12. Justin (well, he doesn't sing)

    * I'm not rating the spoiler yet, but I will say he sounds just as good as Shannon

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