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Thread: The losers

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    The losers

    Some of these people are really g ood but there can be only one winner. So what's to stop various agents from picking off the "losers" as they walk away? Is there any clause that the contestants have to sign, saying they won't sign with anybody for a year (or whatever)?

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    I've heard nothing about contracts, who has first dibs, etc... I would assume that excepting the winner, the others can take any deals that might come along. Frankly, I think the most talent here is the dancers, they can join broadway dancing. No one IMO will have a singing career.
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    I have to agree with you drkim. I really don't see anyone that has the potential for a successful singing career. I realize that it isn't fair to compare but I don't think any of these individuals would have made it into the AI top 10.

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    I see Serena definately having one given the right production and song writing. Harlemm too. They're capable. I think Serena would have made it to the the top 10 on AI---she's just as good as Trenyce.

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    I'm the big loser. I thought Fame was going to be so much more. What a disappointment.

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    Personally I can see broadway for Lauren,Garry and also for Allyson..I think allyson will go next week..chorus line

    I also think alex has a future, boy band maybe? Pop?? good voice, cute guy..ONLY 18...he seems the only one with solo/group talent..JMO

    Somehow I dont see "stardom" in the works for justine tianango?? I think I already forgot her name..

    For me Raymond Lee was a fluke to begin with, not good for broadway, not good for solo singer, often flat...I think he would do well to find a different career but I expect he will be seen in local lounges etc for years..billing himself "as seen on fame"..

    actually this show is getting so bad they all might do better to leave it off their resumes LOL JMO

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    Hi Bug!

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    Thanks for the welcome!

    I do see some talent in some of these people. I think Shannon and Harlemm could go all the way, career wise. Maybe Serena too. Alex has potential, personally I hope we never hear from RapMaster Annoying again. But there can be only one winner on Fame, I just have to wonder which ones we'll see again, and how far they'll go.

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