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Thread: I Guess it's NOT about the Talent!

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    Going into this show I *THOUGHT* there would be an equal amount of dancing and singing skills along with personality... isn't that what "triple threat" is about? But now, I'm burnt out on the show. I don't know how Alex Boyd has made it so far. And really I don't think anything will come out of this show for these poor contestants except for a Broadway part...which isn't necessarily bad.

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    If Dr. Kim also sings, I say let's get her out there!

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    Well I think we've pretty much agreed, that this show started out with a bang and will end with a wimper. Probably just the diehards watching.
    It's really tragic, since it had such potential.

    Now dancers not dancing, judges gagged,performers and audience (and recappers) confused. No wonder Justin keeps advancing. Only his fans are the ones still watching.
    We'll see how tonight goes...

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    There are no performers on this show that would cause me to reach into my wallet to purchase a CD. I started watching because I thought in doing so, I would be supporting young talent. With 2 of the 3 youngest eliminated this past week I used my votes this week for Brandon. I think he has potential and a year with Debbie would benefit him.

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    I agree Elaine.

    Serena is a pro, as is Tyce, finding that out really has put me off the show.
    I wanted the show to unearth young talent like Brandon.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Fluff I agree soooo much...the "pro's" dont really need a year at debbies dance academy...how old would harlemm be at the end? 38?? LOL

    I feel for young Brandon and Shannon...Carnie didnt even mention them last nite..

    I agree the show has "lost it's way" and I guess the ratings show it..

    Maybe the "losers" will do well...I certainly hope we will see more of alex...

    the spoiler guy seems way too slick, serena seems "bored" and oversings ..maybe her vegas shows taught her that...Harlemm didnt really even sing last nite...and he has tons of experience too..

    I am rooting for the "kids"...shannon and brandon...win or lose I hope they "win" in the long run JMO

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    I also agree, I think the show has completely lost it's track, honestly can you imagine Serena, Moy or Harlemm at the dance studio for a year. And, last nights group dance, what the heck was that, it was more like "let's have them do partner, sexual, stuff because that's what people like to see. I am sorry, but until that point I didn't have a problem with Alex, but his sultry looks and dancing disgusted me. Are they ever going to let them dance, if they don't include dancing and singing how is the winner going to perform in the broadway show fame. Did the directors ever see the movie Fame, hello there is a lot of dancing!!!! I don't know I like Shannon and Brandon best.

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    Shannon Brandon Allison and Harlemm are the strongest dancers (not counting Tyce) - I can certainly imagine any one of them at Debbie's dance studio for a year. All of them are willing to improve, which is what the year would be for. As for Moy and Serena, no. Moy's only good vocal performance was on her first night of competition, and I'm beginning to wonder where that performance came from because every one since then has been plain weak. Pretty, yes - personality, yes - singer, no. As for Serena, she's a singer, not a dancer. Give the girl a record deal, but she doesn't belong in the finals for this show.

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    Seems to me it's now more about "boy, girl, boy, girl.." so they can keep their dance partners even. Did ANY ONE notice they voted off 2 guys for the first time because the spoiler coming on was a guy? Doesn't that make anyone think something's funny?

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    I seriously seriously do not understand where are people's heads. I absolutely hate Brandon, I think he is ugly, I don't like his singing, and the dancing isn't to die for. As for Moy I don't understand why she has so many fans I mean she and Brandon to me are the same. Ugly, voice sucks, too many off nights.
    As for Allison, I was rooting for her in the beginning, but not anymore.
    Honestly I think the only good ones are Shannon, Serena, and Harlemm and I know I'm not the only one that thinks so. Especially Shannon, b/c I find that she can both sing and dance, and do it well. Serena I don't see her dancing much, and Harlemm has potential.
    And Tyce is pretty good. I mean he's got the looks, he can dance, he's got personality, and he just needs to work on his voice. But then again, I can name quite a few artists who's voice isn't that great but have made it pretty far.

    So who do I want to win? Shannon or Harlemm.
    I just hope that if Shannon wins, they don't turn her into a Britney clone.

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