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Thread: Tyce Diorio - The Spoiler

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    Well, so much for a triple threat!!! The boy can dance but he sure can't sing!!! In the words of a famous writer, "Much ado about nothing!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by caper
    Well, so much for a triple threat!!! The boy can dance but he sure can't sing!!! In the words of a famous writer, "Much ado about nothing!"
    He was definitly better than Moy, and had more personality and stage presence than ALL of them!

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    :mad: No, No, No way is he a singer.
    He may be able to dance but that is all. Who ever thought up this twist needs a good kick in the ass. Oops sorry to cuss but what the he--are they thinking?

    Shame on Fame is what I have to say!

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    For some reason he kind of rubbed me the wrong way last week. I thought I will wait until next week to decide what I thought because he was new and had a very good dance audition tape.

    When they announced that he would sing a Marvin Gaye song, I assumed he must be able to sing from his choice of song. Well, remember what happens when you assume.

    IMO, he can not sing. The end. He added all of those extraneous "ha", "hey" or whatever to try and "razzle dazzle" us away from that fact. He had the nerve to try, but could not hold a candle to the others. As posted in the Justin thread, I almost wanted Justin back. Hopefully, Tyce will not last past next week. If there was a dancing competition, he might do very well there.

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    1. He's HOT!
    2. He can DANCE!
    3. He has a "larger than life" PERSONALITY
    4. He's an average singer

    Ok, so 3/4 ain't bad. I think he deserves to make it pretty far, but not win it.

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    I was so looking forward to being blown away by this guy....and I wasn't. He CAN dance, but the singing was just so-so.

    Oh, I hate this show now. It has kept me dangling for weeks waiting for something "big" and I haven't seen it yet. I'd probably rather see Joey perform every night.

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    Me too.

    The show has kind of lost me.
    I was very enthusiastic in the beginning, but as the weeks have gone by I've been losing interest.
    The spoiler seems like a plant.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Although I think he is an excellent dancer, his "dance break" during the song was very disappointing. Was he smiling during his solo? Very inappropriate to the song. He could have choreographed something more suitable as well. The song touches on crying, dying, war and hate. It was supposed to be a strong song about the singer's confusion and pain. Maybe, I was the only one who felt the confusion and pain after his performance.

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    Did you know that THEY don't get to choose their songs? I agree with levi_d. As I said in another thread, Madonna, J.Lo, Justin Timberlake aren't exactly vocal geniuses people. They are looking for a total PACKAGE. Tyce is it.

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    I was expecting a lot more from Tyce than what he actually did. Although he's an excellent dancer, the number kind of flopped which didn't make him look good. Did you also noticed that during the group number that the camera focused on him most of the time?

    With regards to the judges, I'm sorry they haven't been able to comment after each performance, but their overall criticisms have been very fair and constructive (as opposed to another show where they either gushed all over you or hated you).

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