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Thread: 7/2 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    only an hour to vote??
    Just take a breath and relax...everything's going to be just fine...

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    I have to work now ... can someone please tell me, before I have a cardiac arrest - privately so I don't spoil it for anyone else - who got voted off? I'm in Los Angeles and it won't be on for another 2 hours and I can't see it tonight.

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    can someone post the phone numbers for the contestants?

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    If there was any justice, Justin & Allyson would be gone. #*)$&.

    Actually, Allyson was better than last week, but still not terrific.

    I listened to a few bars of Justin, then hit the mute.

    These two have to go next week!

    Serena's still consistently good, but not exciting. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    Group number was Prince's rendition of "America" Bizzare choreagraphy with them leaning on canes. Looked like a mediocre drill team number.

    Alex -- Please, no more Stevie Wonder songs in any of these competitions. Ok, but still too boy-band for my taste. Does he have a sore throat? He didn't seem to project well. Maybe something wrong with the mike?

    Moy - electric performance, but vocals only so-so. If Moy had Serena's voice (or Serena Moy's charisma) she'd be unstoppable.

    Harlemm/Gerry - No silly choreography, just raw emotion and power. Great performance, but I kept imagining him in a Diana Ross wig, which cracked me up.

    Kissy-Kissy Raymond. You won my heart, if not the votes. You should have outlasted Justin.

    Shannon -- Best performance yet! She really does the tough girl Pat Benetar thing pretty good. Amazing control of micro-mini w/out major flashage. (Could not say the same of Debby's cleavage, however. Whoo!)

    Jamison home, which I can't get too upset about. Should have been Allyson, but no great tragedy.

    Brandon --- Good song choice, Show Stopper performance. Awesome! He could win it if he keeps this up.

    When the Spoiler walked on stage, my best friend and I were on the phone. We both screamed "Oh my God!!! He's Gorgeous!!!" We're both pushing 40, so it was pretty embarassing. Can't wait to see Tyce (sp?) next week. Who's got a photo?

    Top four (from tonight, in no particular order)

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    This show is just NOT doing it for me anymore......

    BUT, I must say, Brandon has become my new favorite after tonight. I love this kid. Love his voice, and there's just something so likeable about him. I used to be all for Alex, but he has gone consistently downhill since week one. I was impressed with Shannon - it was so nice to hear a "new" song for once, instead of all these same-ol's we hear on all the shows week after week.

    But all in all, this show disappoints me. I keep waiting to be blown away, and I'm just not. I guess I got spoiled by that other show....

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    I've been noticing a trend that I would like to say is NOT good, especially if the viewers are now doing the voting. From the very first show, with the 24 semi-finalists, there has been an even number of guys to girls and with each show that has gone by and each cut made, there have still been an even number of guys to girls. WHY??? If the viewers are voting I do not believe it would still be even. (It's possible, don't get me wrong, but I don't believe it would work out that way). And because I've noticed this ... I knew that Shannon and Brandon were staying while Raymond and Jamisen were leaving. If you re-watch the show, they had the whole girl/boy/girl/boy etc... going on throughout tonight's show and once it was down to the final four (and yes, they are paired up on stage.... one stays, one leaves) a guy sang (can't recall which one) and then it was between Shannon and Raymond and I knew that Shannon would go on because of the fact that a guy was picked right before her. Same with Brandon and Jamisen ... Shannon sang then it was obvious that a guy would go on.

    OK, maybe what I just wrote will confuse someone (maybe many) but I am beginning to wonder if the show isn't, in fact, rigged.

    Well, now with this spoiler though, it throws off the whole even number of guys to girls thing a bit. I'm curious to see what happens next week. And the fact that Tyce (the spoiler) is a professional who has toured with Janet Jackson, among others, will be interesting.

    Tyce with Janet Jackson >

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    Alrighty then. I went swimming tonight and forgot to check the clock. Hence, missed the first 20 minutes. As a result, learned there truly must be a God because, blessedly, I missed STUPID RAP KID AGAIN!!!!!!! OMG! What are you THINKING America???????

    Moy was awesome tonight. Pleased with Brandon and - THANK YOU AGAIN, GOD, more eyyyyyyyeeeeeeee canddddddddy! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Can't wait to see the new guy take his shirt off. Oh, wait. I'm getting this show mixed up with Paradise Hotel again.


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    I haven't seen the show yet , But a Janet Jackson backup a spoiler? So much for fair play.

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    Hum, Idon't know about this spoiler, seems like a pro to me? But some of these guys are true amateurs, while some have some experience, sooo... Not really fair IMO.

    Well about the guy/girl/guy/girl theory. IMO we should see 2 guys voted off soon, the girls are more talented overall than the guys. I hope they don't try to keep it even. With the spoiler being male, maybe we'll get rid of Alex and Justin next week.

    Here's my 2 cents:

    Allyson - I really like her for some reason, no she's not the best, but I'm glad she's still here. She's an awesome dancer, and I've heard her sing great, so I don't know why in her solos she sings nasal??? I keep thinking she'll do better, but maybe not.

    Justin - Best one yet from him, should have been gone long ago. He did better with the breath control, but was still off the beat of the music.

    Serena - Wow, she did great tonight, last week was pretty off. I really enjoyed her tonight and liked her outfit. Great singing from her tonight.

    Group song - lame, lame and lame. No one shined to me, and there were no little solo parts either. Boring.

    Alex - Liking him less each week. His dancing was creepy IMO and his singing was OK but flat in parts.

    Moy - Not her best, hated the dress. She sang well in parts, and was flat in parts. Dancing was OK - she did much better last week.

    Harlemm - Consistent and great as usual. I adore this man. Good for him, great job. Singing was nice and on-key.

    Shannon - After a poor showing last week, she kicked this week. Singing was on and dancing was great. Best performance tonight for me. Awesome.

    Brandon - Sorry folks, I'm not impressed with him. I think his singing is weak and he is often off-key. He was sharp this week. He didn't dance, which is his best part.

    Spoiler - I don't really think it is fair for him to just join in after half (6) of the kids will be voted off. He starts next week with the top 6. Also he has so much experience - I thought this was for amateurs. I predict that viewers will already have favorites, and even if he is awesome, will get the boot.

    Rankings for tonight only:

    1. Shannon
    2. Harlemm
    3. Serena
    4. Allyson
    5. Moy

    6. Alex
    7. Brandon

    8. Justin

    Who I would vote off: Justin and either Alex or Brandon

    Who will leave: Allyson and Alex
    Spay and Neuter your Pets!

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    Oh, well I guess I'm like two hours late with show comments. Anyway, I'm glad Jamisen and Raymond left, Although I wanted Moy out. Only Harlemm, Serena, and Brandon impressed me today. It was wrong for Shannon to do Christina's song, Fighter, because if Shannon gets a record deal, Christina is her competition, and Shannon proved she can't hold a candle to Christina. I want Moy and J.J. gone!! Allyson picked the wrong song, and what was she wearing? Pink fur? Alex is getting by on heart throb appeal.

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