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Thread: Predict the final four????

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    Predict the final four????

    I thought it would be interesting for everyone to put in their predictions of who will end up in the final 4 (not who your favorite 4 are, but who you actually think will be the top 4) so we can check back at the end to see how close we were...

    My predictions (and my best guess at how they'll rank) are:
    1. Harlemm
    2. Shannon
    3. Moy
    4. Alex

    Although Shannon is my fave and I would love for her to win instead!!!

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    Hmmm, I think I'd go with...


    I'm not sure on what order, other than I Harlemm is my current favourite to win.

    I think Moy might have made up for a poor first week.
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    1. Harlemm
    2. Brandon
    3. Moy
    4. Alex or Serena

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    2*** Brandon


    3 Alex or Shannon
    4 Moy or Serena or Justin


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    1. Harlemm
    2. Shannon
    3. Alex
    4. Moy

    Who do I think will win? Hmmm...Harlemm?

    Who do I want to win? I'm still waiting to make up my mind.

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    Not in any order because I think it will really come down to the performances that come ahead, although I will say Shannon is my favorite and is the one that really has the triple threat, but I really believe it's not being judged on that, with that being said.....

    Shannon Harlemm Brandon Alex or Serena

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    This is my guess - Harlemm is my favorite and I think he will win - I think I would personally nominate Shannon next - but I think she will probably rank below Serena and Moy at the outcome.

    I also am not a rap music fan - but since Justin is the only representative he might garner the votes of rap fans - so he may be a contender for that reason.

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    Final four will be:
    (not necessarily in order..)
    1. Harlemm
    2. Brandon
    3. Serena
    4.Jamisen or Shannon

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    I am almost sure that Harlemm is doing well... because of when they let him perform.... remember he was up about the time American Juniors aired on the results show.... talk about keeping your attention....Shannon too for that matter.....

    Harlemm will be so hard to beat....

    Shannon definitely has the talent next to him....

    Alex has a great voice but he is just boring to me....

    Moy is bright ... the audience wants to embrace her ....

    Serena better adjust her attitude because they are all very talented and she has nothing on them.... so stop bragging and dig in girlfriend.... it's gonna be a tough ride..... we are there to watch you perform not listen to your predictions

    For a 16 yr old Brandon is really talented too.... they just haven't picked a song yet where he can showcase his singing and dancing at the same time.... because he can do both... he has convinced me of that much!

    I like Jamieson too.... if she stays I think she will get better and better

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    I think it will be:


    I think Harlemm will win. He's the one that I want to win. I think Alex and Shannon will make the top 6, but Alex really isn't a triple threat yet, although he has a great voice and his dancing is getting better. Shannon is a triple threat, and eventhough Serena isn't a great dancer, I think Moy and Serena will beat out Shannon once the competition narrows down.

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