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Thread: Lack of compassion

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    Puleeese - can you say "Milked It" and yes, they taped it the same day.

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    Originally posted by cali
    I like Joey.

    Having said that... if he hadn't paused for ten minutes while announcing who was miving on, the show could have added judge comments and decent goodby
    So true, Cali. You'd think that they would be able to tell that manipulative artificial pauses are more annoying than they are suspenseful. And enough with the bizarre prize business. If you're going to have such an absurdly long list of stuff, find a way to abbreviate it and/or put the details in the credits.

    Hmm... Maybe, we should start a petition for them to add a partridge in a pear tree to the prize package.

    But I am glad they don't get to sing again. Other than Josh's exit, I never liked the exit songs in AI. They would just sing the same song they did in the previous show, which made the whole thing redunandant and a bit boring. And they always seemed a little too happy about an extra 20 seconds of attention. I thing it was a lot more tasteful when they'd say goodbye and each judge made a small encouraging comment (for e.g. that Nikki girl in season 1.)
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    Well nothing changed this week - Raymond and Jamisen were whisked off stage very quickly. I'd like to see a goodbye at least from the judges with something nice to say to them.
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