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Thread: What if there was a Wildcard round?

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    What If?

    Ther was a wild card round a la AI? Who would you put back into the mix

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    Ryan Chotto, he was the first to stand out before Harlemm, it would be great to have both of them in the finals...
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    Definately Dion! I really liked him. Unfortunately, the song he chose didn't show off his vocals. However, I think the song was perfect for him considering his background, it really describes his outlook on things, and it allowed him to show off his dancing. I think he has a great personality as well. I also think Judy Ho might have been considered. I remember seeing some of her in the early auditions, and I thought she sang great. In the semi finals I think nerves just got the better of her.

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    I agree, chr! I think Dion was the best in his group and was shocked when he didn't move on!

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