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Thread: 6/25 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I think that this week i was uneffected by any of the performances. None of them really hit me, except for how bad Justin was, and that I needed to save Shannon by using all my votes on her. I think that it will be Justin and Allyson that go next week but I wish it was Justin and Jamisen. Why do people like her?!!! Ugh, I'm getting a migraine. If Jamisen can make it through on a crappy perfomance then she can make it through next week because she actually was ok this week but that still doesnt make me like her. Justin is just getting through cause all the potsmoking drug dealers out there are voting for him. And maybe his Dad is getting the Mafia to vote so that he can live off his sons money! Well there's my rant.

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    Honestly come on, Shannon first of all did not say that they SHOULD APPRECIATE HER TALENT, I think that is totally uncalled for to adlib your own version. As for the song, it wasn't her choice, she had ten songs she submitted but couldn't do any of them, it's a very difficult song, and I think it did show that she was uncomfortable with it. Unfortunately, it doesn't show how amazing she is at singing ballads, which is my favorite type of song for her to sing. I think if you saw attitude, it equivlated to her being disappointed with her own performance. I think if she is voted in next week, which she should be look after the weak performancers that made it back from last week, then she will prove herself again. I guess we'll just have to stay tuned.


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    The show went pretty well but I was not blow away. Alex, Harlemm and Moy were my favorites.

    Please let Justin go home next week. He can take Serena with him because her ego does not belong on the show.

    Shannon did not do well with the breath thing so she may want to step up for next week.

    A1 Idol Fan Forever - Clay!yea

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    I'm a grandmother who knows very little about todays music, or
    artist. It was only by acident that I saw fame. but the moment I saw Harlemm perform, I knew that I was looking at a huge international star in the making. It's been a long time coming, but his time has arrived! His passion saids it all. I voted utilizing every phone line I could borrow. It's so rare today to hear his quality of singing. QUALITY being the key word. jeanne

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    my lil recap

    okay, im gonna start off just by saying that i have read a few of the posts so far, and none of them are as avicious as what i saw on the AI2 boards a few months ago. yeeeeesh! people there are cruel.
    last nights show, in my honest opinion, seemed much better than last weeks. i think thats because some of the performers applied what they learned. yay for them.

    1.serena- i dont remember what she sang last night, but she sure showed that she's got range. i think part of the reason i couldn't remember the lyrics was becasue she kept riffing throughout the entire song!!! but she is good, i have o admit. ny only real beef with her is that she seems a bit arrogant. she (and this is just my opinion, mind you) has a look on her face like she sees herself better than everyone. but, i have to say, she is good, and she'll go far in the show.
    my say-
    2.raymond-"ill be"- he improved tremendously from last week. i was kinda shocked he made it through though, i thought for sure he and justin were gettig the boot, and i was wrong. anyway, he sang a pretty easy song to do, probably because its so well written. i did feel he had a few flat notes here and there, but he sang with a lot of emotion, which won him a few brownie points. plus, he seems like sucha nice person too.
    my say:
    3.alex- "at last"- ooooooooo, i have to admit, he is my fav. not only does he have the rugged good looks, but he has the slooothest voice of all the contestants, plus the added bonus that he reminds me of a guy i like. he proves that you can sound good without power. the only probelem he has is that he cant dance, and i noticed during the group number, "time to cure", he cant sing and dance at the same time. even though he is my fav, i dont think he'll win based on that. and is it just me, or does it seem like he gets the softest applause of everyone in the crowd?
    my say:
    4. Jamisen- "god bless the child"- WAAAAAAAAAAAY better than last week. she held back a lot last week, but this week she proved she has the voice, and the ability to bounce back. im not ultrafaliiar with that song, but she can belt it out, plus SINg the song, which i feel serena lacks.
    my say-:cool:
    5.Brandon "thank you for letting me be myself"- good voice, good kid, good dancing, but NO EYE CONTACT!!! his head was always turned in another direction away from the camera, and he sang to the ceiling. he can dance though, and he has a nice voice. not a great voice, but a nice one. i really dont have a problem with him, BUT, is it just me, or does he look like one of the boys from B2K, which isnt necessarily a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.
    my say-
    6. shannon- "cant fight the moonlight"- she has one of the best voices of the girls, but she cant last 2 minutes without showing the major energy loss! i like her though. she seems like she hasa good head on her shoulders, plus she LOOKS like a pop star. shes got tremendous power in her voice, but the judges are right, she need to keep her energy. shes great though, and one of my favs. perhaps "whistle sprints" will work, eh?
    my say-
    7.harlemm-"carless whisper"- is it just me, or am the only one NOT mesmerized by this guy? he did WAY to much interpretive dance in the song, and the way he'll stop a note and change it bugs me, ya know? in my opinion, he was flat thoughout the entire song, but im afraid he night win. on the plus side, he seems extremly nice.
    my say:
    8. allyson- "material girl"- ouch, not a good song choice for her, but i'll give her the benefit of the doubt on whether she was trying to break the broadway girl style she has. she was very flat in some parts, but i did like her outfit...very "cute"
    my say-
    9.justin-"no more"- gawd, i cant stand this kid. he seems like a making the band 1 AND 2 reject. he looks like the dude from o town, and he cannot, i repeat, cannot rap whatsoever. he is way off the rhytym, he shouted the entire time, and he cant finish the line because he is so out of breath. to his credit, he did shake off the goofy image as carnie said, and i know writing songs is tough, so good for him. anyway, i think its because he is the only one on the show who cant truly "sing" that makes me dislike him so much
    my say-
    10. moy- ?????- i left to go eat dinner, so i didnt hear her sing. shes okay i guess. but judging from last week, toni braxton is not what she needs to be singing.

    my order:
    1. alex

    i didnt rank moy, cause i didnt see her, but my guess is that she'd be in the middle.

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    I'm ticked off . . . MAJORLY! How hard is it for America to get that Justin sucks? He has no rhythm whatsoever and his rhymes are terrible. Gary can sing and was one of my favorites and Lauren did not deserve to go either. I was pulling for Justin and Jamisen to go. Or maybe Justin and Brandon. Jamisen did better this week. So now, I'm really hoping to say goodbye to Justin and/or Brandon next week (are they getting rid of one or two people next week?)

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    Serena is just a lil too sure of herself.... her last two performances have been not so great....
    I love how Harlemm can add adjectives such as "unqiue" to his performances.... nothing absolutley nothing boring about this guy..... He would give an awesome "in concert performance"....
    I think what I admire so much about him as that he does not just rely on his voice(which is awesome) but he adds that something extra...
    Shannon is very talented.... she should go far.... she needs just a lil work from someone like Johnny cause I think she definitely has what it takes to shine

    Alex has a nice voice but he is just so boring to meeeeeeeee! and I hate those sideburns or the look of sideburns he has

    I like Jamieson too..... I think she will just get better and better if America allows her to stay

    I was not sure of the two to go.... but I was not suprised when Gary got da boot....... I hope Serena was listening to what America said to Gary....... We the voters decide on this show... hopefully.... it ain't Fox!

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    Originally posted by TOCTenor2005
    Justin is just getting through cause all the potsmoking drug dealers out there are voting for him. And maybe his Dad is getting the Mafia to vote so that he can live off his sons money! Well there's my rant.
    I found this wildly inappropriate and off-base. First of all, I know plenty of people who smoke weed and all those people would put him in the same class as that kid from Malibu's Most Wanted. I'm a big fan of good rap music and I would never vote for him and neither would any of my friends. And why would using drugs make somebody vote for him? I don't think any kind of drugs could make him sound good, so stop insulting drug users. And I doubt his dad knows any mafia members and if he did, they would just laugh if they met him.

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    To the person who said that Alex should be in a boy band, I honestly think he's the complete opposite of that. He has a unique voice and his song choice and vocal styling is completely R&B/Soul. I don't think there is anyone in this competition who belongs in a pop group, which is part of why I'm enjoying the show so much...

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    I completely agree with you Anna. I don't know why someone would say he belongs in a boy band. I actually consider that to be an insult. I assume it's just because of his good looks, but there's A LOT more to him than that. His voice is way to soulful to be in a boy band, IMO anyways.

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