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Thread: 6/25 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Overall the show was pretty good tonight due to a handful of great performances... I DO like the format of having the performances and the eliminations on the same night! I DON'T like the long pauses they make before annoucning the next person to move on... I wouldn't mind a LITTLE suspense but that was waaaay overdoing it.

    That time could have been spent more wisely in giving time for all three judges to speak! And I really missed the opening "work" number...

    Also I would have liked to have seen a more diginified elimination of contestants where we could at least hear them speak a few words!!!

    Hopefully next week with only 10 performers though there will be time for all that...

    Are they going to continue to bump off 2 every week? I wish they would make it one per week, to make the series last longer...

    Here were my thoughts...
    Serena - the diva herself... what's that white thing in her hair?? It's very distracting... she's getting on my nerves... I went back and watched some of last week's episode again and I realized just how horrible she was last week and she wasn't too much better this week... I have trouble understanding what she's saying a lot of the time and all those vocal acrobatics are just too over the top for my taste...

    Raymond - better than last week, but I think he was the worst last week and he should have been gone, and I still think it's his time to go...

    Alex - very nice! But I wish he would do something a little more uptempo... or at least different... He is starting to look the same every week... but for now he's still one of my faves

    Jamie - Wasn't crazy about her song but I think she did a good job with it... I placed her in 11th last week but this week she improved tremendously... Maybe good enough for another week...

    Brandon - Good enough for another week...

    The group number - I LOVED it! The dancing is always my favorite part of the show, and I especially like watching Shannon, Allyson, Lauren, Moy, Harlemm and Brandon because I think they all move well... Seeing Joey and Debbie dancing was a nice bonus...

    I especially liked that they added some lead-follow partner dancing this time... it REALLY showed me how good some of those girls are especially Shannon... She was paired with raymond and I could clearly see how she was having to backlead her part because Raymond wasn't giving her the right connection... but that was a fast song and difficult to do that step at that speed if you are unaccustomed to partner dancing... I noticed that Moy and her partner were totally disconnected from each other...

    Shannon - Ouch, that wasn't too great... I think nerves got th ebetter of her because she looked like she lacked confidence... She really needs to make sure she takes full advantage of her strengths and that is her dancing and her stage presence... And she didn't do that tonight... And I missed her comment to the judges; I wish I could hear the exact quote so I would know just how bad it was? Did she really tell the judges that "they need to appreciate her talent"?

    Harlemm - I said Serena was over the top, and so is this guy!!!But you know what? It works for him! He is awesome and I think he was the best tonight. And what I like about him is that even though he is really exaggerating a lot of his movements/expressions, it really works for him... because you can tell those expressions are truly coming from his soul... he is REALLY feeling the emotions of the song... It wasn't just canned theatrics...

    Allyson - Given who was left I was shocked that she was announced to move on! She's definitely very broadway... and I could tell by her face she's sick of Carnie bringing that up every time, lol... I would have prefered to see her go rather than Lauren, but oh well...

    Justin - I don't think he was as good tonight compared to the last two times mainly because the song was kind of a downer... I like his upbeat stuff more. But I can appreciate the emotion he feels and his ability to express that... I still think he's better than some of the other remaining contestants...

    Moy - I like her a lot! I never thought there would be a question of her making it this week even though she wasn't great last week. She did well tonight though, and I loved her song choice! Much more appropriate for her

    So I guess my new ranking is as follows, based on all cumulative performances:
    1. Harlemm
    2. Shannon
    3. Alex
    4. Moy
    5. Justin
    6. Brandon
    7. Serena
    8. (tie) Allyson / Jamie
    10. Raymond

    It's very hard to say who WILL get voted out next week... I'm thinking Allyson is one of them though...

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    Thanks those of you who did a play by play. I'm just now getting on line. Here's some of my thoughts that go along with the commentary.

    I also wondered if the order they called people was in the order of highest votes. I don't think so. Harlemm would have been higher as well as Moy IMO.

    I would prefer they told us at the beginning who is going home just for their sake. It must be hell to sit there through each song and wonder. Also they call your name if you made it and in 3 seconds you have to perform. No time to feel relieved and have your heart stop pounding. I would think that would be very hard and would throw you off performance wise. However it makes the "results" more suspenceful I guess. I also feel bad that 2 people have worked all week and then don't even get to perform.

    Serena sounded breathy to me, had no breath control and a few off notes. Not as good as last week IMO. I still like her but not a great performance.

    Raymond - his singing was better than last week, nice sound, not powerful however, and no dancing at all. I liked this better than last week.

    Alex - I'm undecided on this performance, it sounded very good at times, but her also went flat often. I think he did better last week.

    Jamisen - most improved IMO. She did a lot better than last week, but she still does nothing for me. Her singing was pretty good and dancing was OK.

    Brandon - His dancing was really good, but singing was poor. The vocals were too simple, the song had about 3 notes it seemed. I'm just not impressed by him.

    The group number - Ew eww eww!!! Every vocal solo was off, especially Gary. Harlemm did the best I guess, but it was not very good. I wonder if they could hear??? Allyson and Shannon were the only ones to catch my eye on the dancing.

    OK, to catch up with the rest of the posts.
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    I'm only rooting for Alex(2 votes),Shannon(2 votes) and Allyson(1 vote) now

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    I have to say the show blew by - almost too fast. There was not even enough time for all the judges to give their say. Judges comments this week were weak, not much constructive criticism.

    Shannon - Ooops, what happened??? Last week she was awesome, and this is not good. She was off key often. Much worse than last week.

    Harlemm - Best so far tonight, but not as good as he was last week IMO. Dancing was a bit weird again and his singing was kinda funny. But he entertained and sang on-key with such control.

    Allyson - Stupid song choice, but I thought she did great. I love her dancing and she sounded much better vocally than last week. Still I've heard her sing better than this. Considering I've thought tonight to be rather ho-hum, I liked her performance.

    Lauren gone!!! I'd rather have Justin, Jamison, or Raymond gone than her. She had a great voice when she was "on" and was a decent dancer. I had her an my #6, in the middle, so I guess it doesn't matter anyway.

    Justin stays - Ouch!! He just talks and does not pay any attention to the music. His rapping does not go with the music at all. Don't get it. Didn't like it.

    Gary gone - well he had more talent than some, but I guess his ego got him. He was my #7. He looks shocked, kinda funny, I guess his ego is really big.

    Moy - Yeah she stepped it up from last week, much better. I really liked this performance. Good for her. Her movement around the stage was great.
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    I'm very very glad there is not results show, although tonight's show was too fast. It will get better an there are less performers.

    My rankings based solely on tonight's show, not my overall.

    1. Allyson
    2. Moy
    3. Harlemm
    4. Raymond
    5. Jamisen
    6. Shannon
    7. Serena
    8. Alex
    9. Brandon
    10. Justin

    1-3 are really close. 4-9 are really close and if I typed it again, I'd probably have them a bit different.

    Who I'd send home: Justin for sure, then it's hard. Maybe Jamisen or Raymond, even though I liked them tonight - but overall not so much.

    Who will go? Justin and Allyson (but I hope not Allyson - I just love her dancing)
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    my rankings overall (from this week and last week and just my personal opinion):

    1. Harlemm
    2. Alex
    3. Shannon (I think she is better overall than Alex, but she lost major points with me tonight.)
    4. Brandon
    5. Allyson
    6. Raymond
    7. Moy
    8. Serena (I am sorry, this is not American Idol. Yes, you can sing, but you must be able to DANCE as well.)
    9. Jamisen
    10. Justin (I should not even have to comment on this ranking.)

    I just hope Shannon can redeem herself....heck, i hope she can make it through to the next round after that performance.

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    alex has boy band appeal, other than that his voice is just OKAY

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    I didn't vote last night. FAME left me feeling cranky.

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    Originally posted by leannrs
    Janae Ann was kind enough to post for me, so I pass this along to you!
    Actually, my name is Anna, but I'm expecting in two months and my daughter's name will be Janae Ann.

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    I still support Shannon even though she messed up last night. And Shannon did not have that much attitude last night. It was more like she was just "replying" to the judges. Trust me it was nothing compared to what Garry says or what you feel from Justin when you look at his punk face.

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