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Thread: Ugly Fame Clothes

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    Fames Ugly Clothes

    I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but I am sure a mod can help! As far as the clothing goes, I think all of them have terrible clothing. Alex looked awful, Shannon and the other girls in their 'ripped-up' look, just don't look very nice. I know that they have to wear danceable gear, but there must be better looking dancewear available. Sluttty, or sexy, or hip, or whatever, the clothes on Fame are ugly.
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    Half of my "material" for the recap comes from those clothes. I think their stylists take most of their inspiration from whatever homeless shelter they hired them out of.
    *Not to insult anyone from a homeless shelter , as I'm sure they have a better sense of style*

    Moy's dress was about the nicest thing I've seen anyone wear.

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