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    Entertainment Weekly Article

    Has anyone seen the article in the week's issue? They call it one of the "Children of American Idol" and trash the show, judges, Joey and Debbie Allen. At least they got it right when they singled out Justin, saying he "wheezed his way through such laughable lines as . . ." and called him an "eminem manque". I don't care what they say, the talent on this show is still superior to the American Idol I or II. Brace yourself for Wednesday!

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    No I haven't read that, but I personally prefer this show to American Idol. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I would have to disagree with that article...

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    I haven't read the article, but I think FAME is a great concept show. Hope it continues to deliver because I am in severe AI withdrawal and was real passionate about Clay and Kim Locke and I want some people like that to take over!

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    Entertainment Weekly was so right about the show it is nothing compared to American Idol the contestants and the way the show is being marketed it does not excite me to keep me interested. The singing by most of the contestants should be banned from televsion but there strength lies in the dancing and that is what they seem to focus more on from what I have been seeing during the past shows.

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    I read it, and I somewhat agree and also somewhat disagree. They're pretty much correct in everything they said. The singing is nowhere near American Idol quality with some exceptions, and it was spawned because of American Idol's success, but I disagree with the connotation they're putting with it because Fame is a show in its own right and shouldn't necessarily be compared so closely w/ American Idol because they are two shows that aren't necessarily looking for the same thing-exactly.

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