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Thread: FAME, The Video

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    FAME, The Video

    I'm suffering AI withdrawal, so I gotta keep these FAME boards movin. I need a life. That's what graveyard shift at the hospital does.

    I think they should make a video of the FAME number where all 12 sang and danced. It rocked. There's nothing like that on MTV or VH1. Maybe it could air before the musical comes to Broadway. Everyone sounded great in it. Even Justin's little rap at the end was way cute.

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    I feel your pain, ntt. I was on the AI board at Bolt daily, and there was always plenty to talk about. This board has a lot less volume, so it doesn't keep the steady flow of chatter going.

    The video idea is great! The Fame performers aren't as strong singers as the AI2 bunch (but a lot better than some in AI1), so I don't think a CD would do as well. Perhaps as a dvd?

    All these talent shows are great, but what they really point out is how much we miss variety shows like Carol Burnett. There's really nothing on the air now that has music, dancing, comedy --- well, maybe Who's Line?

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    You're right, Tracker. SNL is about the only variety show we have. Ana Gastyer could do it all...she was a triple threat. Awesome voice, great acting. DOn't know if she danced.

    I was on BOLT boards all day long! Couldn't get enough of them. It's a shame FAME isn't that way. I've just started to go to For Love or Money cause there's more action.

    I do think the FAME kids are more talented. They aren't showing enough dancing. All the promos had this awesome kid dancing and that's what I expected to see. I think only a handful are really triple threats. I think now they just want singers.

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    You actually don't have to keep posting just for the sake of posting. Thats why so many people have run screaming from the BOLT boards. You don't have to "keep it moving" we are fine with how it is.

    Its also why we had such a problem with the AI forum. We have collectively decided that it's not going to happen again here.

    Thanks for your co-operation....

    I think the video would be be a good idea to make more cash - which is what this whole deal is about really. Marketing of the finalists

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    Sorry! I really thought the FAME video was a good idea. I won't offer any more comments until after the show tomorrow. I didn't know I couldn't talk much. I see the same people on and they don't get scolded.

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    NTT, we only take exception to this line:

    I'm suffering AI withdrawal, so I gotta keep these FAME boards movin.
    I would hope that if you're posting, it's because you have something interesting to say, and not because you feel the need to "keep things moving because you're bored."

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    Hey, NoTripleThreat.

    I think your comment was just misunderstood, but everything should be clear now.

    If you have read some of the threads in the past (not from you) you would understand why they mention not posting just for the sake of posting.

    A video is a good idea for the public and might be a profitable one for whomever. I agree about the group numbers. The more I see them, the more I like them because they are becoming more polished. What do you think?

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    Last night's group number was hard to tell because the camera angle was bad. You could barely see anyone. I thought I knew from the group number who was going home based on their placing. I thought for sure it was Justin and Lauren, then I saw Gary way in the back, so if you're supposed to evaluate them on their dancing, the producers didn't want to give them camera time. Pretty good guess. Wrong choices, but good guess.

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    Well, to comment on the group performance of the song, Fame,
    it was awesome!! That's what the show is all about. That was
    by far the best group performance, it really took my breath
    away. The video idea is great, but I won't buy it 'cause I have every episode on tape!

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