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Thread: Rate the Finalists

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    ahh, it's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders

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    My Picks

    Since only two are supposed to go off this week (although who really knows with the voting snaffu), I think it's pretty obvious that Justin and Jamieson go - in fact it's a no brainer. Justin can't sing or dance and never should have reached this far. Jamieson has was really weak with her vocals last week and I think the only reason she made it to the finals is because JoJo is mesmerized by her - NOT a reason to favor her over some of the truly talented people here. By the way, has anyone noticed decreasing emphasis on the dance skills and increasing emphasis on vocals? This is making this show a copy cat to American Idol. I originally liked it because the dancing made it different. I'd like to see some solos in the group number to expose who can really dance (only about half seem to have much skill) and then have a Debbie Allen comment on their dance skills - if she'll be honest! Shannon, Lauren, Allison and Brandon really stand out! We want a true triple threat here.

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    1. Harlem
    2. Brandon
    3. Shannon
    4. Serena
    5. Lauren
    6. Gary
    7. Alex
    8. Moy
    9. Allyson
    10. Raymond
    11. Jameison
    12. Justin

    The top 6 could vary any particular week. Harlem has had the two most consistent performances so far, so as of today I'd say he is the frontrunner. Shannon may upset if she can sing a ballad. I hope she tries this week.

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    I agree. More dancing. I wish the finalists could do one solo song and one short solo dance and then you'd have a true comparison. The group numbers just don't show enough of everyone's dancing.

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    Wow, Brandon second? I would like to hear Shannon sing a slow song, too. She's done 2 fast numbers.

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    Harlemm and Brandon are my #1 and #2 as well, latent. I think there's a gap between those two and the other contestants for me.

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    Serena = overrated. Sounds like she's choking to me. Why do the judges pimp her so?
    Shannon = what a dynamo. Britney with a Goldie Hawn(back in her day) smile and body, Tina Turner energy.
    Moy = inconsistent, but somehow riveting.
    Harlemm = should be in the top 3
    Brandon = should duke it out with Alex for 3
    Alex = should duke it out with Brandon for 3
    The rest = hurry up and sing already so I can watch Harlemm goof off some more.

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    Here is my breakdown for the finalists, ordered from best to worst:


    For starters, Justin is a complete joke, and this Eminem "wannabe" falls far short of 'the real Slim Shady' and should try a new career.

    The last show was decent, but they might as well have edited out the first hour of the show. The real talent showed in the second half, starting with Harlemm.

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    Here's my rankings so far:

    1. Shannon
    2. Alex
    3. Harlemm
    4. Moy

    -big gap-

    5. Justin
    6. Garry
    7. Serena
    8. Brandon
    9. Lauren

    -smaller gap-

    10. Allyson
    11. Jamisen
    12. Raymond

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    One thing that kinda've stands out is that Harlemm will be in the top of this thing and that before Shannon sang Proud Mary she was at the bottom of the lists but soon raised to the top. Also Moy seems to stand out in everybody's mind,but she needs to stay away from ballads. With that said...
    1.Shannon (triple threat, not cocky like Serena and Garry, and can rise to the top with just one song)
    2. Harlemm ( he's just awesome, but a little to strange for me)
    3. Serena ( she's cocky, but she shows off alot of range, just wish she would sing the words instead of adlibing the entire song)
    4,5,6. Brandon, Lauren, Alex. (these guys have been mostly in the middle of the lists and im not sure whos better over the other, Lauren has the best voice, Alex is getting heartthrob votes, and Brandon is liked for some reason)
    7. Moy ( she didnt sing well, but she has that look that could get her to here, maybe even beat 4,5,and 6)
    8. Allyson
    9. Raymond
    10.Garry (worst attitude i've ever saw)
    11. Jamisen ( nice person, that's all)
    12.Justin Jacoby (the only reason Garry isnt last is because of this guy, he doesnt fit in and also has a poor attitude)

    Well there you go, sorry for the length of the post.

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