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Thread: Rate the Finalists

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    I missed the last 2 groups but this could change


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    1) Moy
    2) Serena
    3) Alex

    Not too thrilled about the rest of them so no listing.

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    I find it interesting that you asked for rankings. It doesn't seem like people are going to become fanatical about this show like with AI. How many of you actually plan on voting?

    Well, I've been watching pretty closely and here's my breakdown:


    1. Moy- S.T.A.R.! This girl is a star! Definately has that "larger than life" personality. I'd like to see her sing a song that is more vocally challenging, but I don't know if we'll ever get to see that and I'm not sure if this competition is about finding the best singing voice.

    2. Serena- She sang better than Moy, but Moy・s performance was better. With that said, Serena and Moy are definately the class of this competition. I know it's still early, but this competition seems headed for an inevitable Serena-Moy showdown in the finals and I can see Johnny Wright signing both to management deals.


    3. Lauren- Had the knockout vocal performance of the Top 24. She's a bit of a throwback, and her style is very refreshing amongst this group of Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera wannabees.

    4. Allyson- She・s the best of the Broadway types in this competition. The judges seem to be looking for a :pop star; so I don・t know how far she・ll advance.


    5. Raymond- I love this guy! He・s the sentimental favorite- the ambassador for every dorky academian. Honestly, his performance was weak, but he did show hints of a powerful singing voice and I・m hoping that he gets better each week.

    6. Shannon- I hated her song choice and she seems to be lacking originality, but she・s one of the more confident performers and will likely continue to give very :safe; performances.

    7. Garry- Okay, I・m not homophobicKbut this guy seems pretty gay. With his voice, he shouldn・t go anywhere near Michael Jackson songs. He definitely knows how to perform and with the right song choices, he could make a decent run.


    8. Brandon- He・s definitely got personality (love that mohawk on the last show!), and I can see how he can be marketable in that Immature/B2K mold. But he probably has the worst singing voice of the Top 12, so he・ll need to rely on his dancing and personality to be a contender.

    9. Jameison- Has a nice look and image. She didn・t pick a song that was very vocally challenging. Have to see more of her before I jump to conclusions.

    10. Harlemm- He・s a very strange guy. He・s definitely unique. I just don・t know what to make of that performance.

    11. Alex- I don・t know why everyone likes this guy so much. He sang a song by one of my favorite artists- Musiq Soulchild, and didn・t give it any passion or conviction. He basically got into the Top 12 because he beatboxed.


    12. Justin- Is this guy a joke? He has no flow. Someone needs to teach this kid how to count bars. At least he writes his own rhymes- I・ll give him that. He got into the Top 12 cause Johnny thinks he・s a possible cash cow. More like a gimmick that can be a one-hit wonder with the right marketing.

    Okay, well that・s just my thoughts. Would love to hear what you guys think!

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    wow, I put Harlemm and Moy as tied for first

    There are others that I like and believe can make a career in show business, but as for being the best all around performers.... Moy and Harlemm in my opinion.
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    Well, after finally seeing the group four episode, here is how I would rank the twelve:

    1. Serena
    2. Harlemm
    3. Alex
    4. Brandon
    5. Moy
    6. Garry
    7. Jameison
    8. Shannon
    9. Lauren
    10. Allyson
    11. Justin
    12. Raymond

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    1. Moy
    2. Serena
    3. Allyson
    4. Lauren
    5. Harlemm
    6. Justin
    7. Alex
    8. Jamisen
    9. Garry
    10. Shannon
    11. Brandon
    12. Raymond
    -phusion :phhht

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    01 Moy
    02 Serena
    03 Lauren
    04 Harlemm
    05 Jamieson
    06 Allyson
    07 Alex
    08 Garry

    The others DNP

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    my rankings

    here's my rank
    1-Harlem (quit the wierd noises)
    3-Shannon (good performance, nothing original)
    4-Lauren (who cares about your boyfriend)
    6-Alex (better wardrobe next time)
    7-Allyson (awesome dancer!)
    8-Raymond (easy song)
    9-garry (zzzz...)
    10- Moi ( pitch problems)
    11-Jamison (couldn't hear you! weak voice)
    12- justin (cant dance or sing)

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    nicely done, i totally agree

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    hehe, almost didn't notice the fine print

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