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Thread: Harlemm Lee

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    Damn he is old but he don't look like it but i still want him to come in second or third well he is and serena are the best

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    This was the first time I seen him. I really like his voice.

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    i loved the original song and thought he did it justice. but i thought the flying around part was weird. i loved his outfit though--the whole cholo look was so disconcerting!

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    Originally posted by zippy
    I find Harlemm very appealing. I absolutely hated that song the million times Justin Guarini sang it, but I loved Harlemm's performance tonight. I watched him do things that were corny and silly and strange, yet somehow I enjoyed him doing them. I think if anyone else did those things, he'd look like an idiot, but somehow Harlemm pulled it off.

    AMEN ZIPPY!! They announced song choice and I had the cringe of all cringes because of horrible Guarini flashbacks but oh man was I pleasantly surprised!!

    I was also very pleased with the way this show handled his age...I was so holding my breath the entire way thru that talk with Debbie since he's one of my personal top 3 that he wouldn't be booted out. Congrats to Fame for dealing with "scandal" so straight up!!

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    I agree. It's also refreshing to see a "scandal" that doesn't involve a felony. I love this guy , he's just compelling.

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    Who cares

    that he is 36 or 37? He can sing like there is no tomorrow... and he can dance as well as anyone there...

    Serena should be concerned... but I don't think she should single him out... What is she afraid of?

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    His manner of movement really looks like he's had some training in the martial arts, kung fu specifically. Not that he needs anything to further emphasize the buddhist monk look.

    What I'm wondering is that, if he's so nearsighted, why doesn't he wear contacts instead of those space cadet goggles? Similarly, aren't the extreme nearsighted cases the perfrect candidates for lasics surgery?

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    Vote For Harlemm Lee

    For those of you who are now fans of Harlemm - please show your support by voting next week.

    Go Harlemm!!!

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    I did vote for him - twice. I really like this guy. to Fame for not putting an age limit on this competition. Harlemm rocks no matter his age. I thought his voice this week was awesome and his dancing is superb despite strange airplane moves. He is definately one of my favs. I hope he is around for several more weeks at least.
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    Harlem, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. Wow. Definitley not the stereotypical Pop Star, but you could change that. You have a light that is so bright....I gotta wear some shades. You step outside of all the boxes, and that's okay. Keep doin it!

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