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Thread: Harlemm Lee

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    I'll be on line with you!

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    Hey this is Joelle here

    as I am quite new you can delete this post if this is not allowed....

    I wanted to invite you to join these two yahoo groups, if you aren't already members :




    I moderate the first group but both of them are great. The MP3's of all of his stuff should be up soon.

    Take Care,

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    You are a great fan and thank you for sharing. I'm sure Harlemm would be happy to know that he has many fans/supporters on this site.

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    That's such a nice picture of Harlemm smiling and holding the flowers on the fan web site.

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    (just drinking in the positivity!)

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    I now feel as if I am among a group of friends and not children who enjoy pulling off the wings of flys.

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    I know this is a bit late...but I'm so happy for Harlemm. He really deserved to win. It seemed like Johnny really wanted Shannon, but America decided. I wasn't too fond of the song Harlemm sang at the end though....could've been better. He so doesn't remind me of a pop star, but he's still awesome. Shannon would have been Miss Britney Spears, and no offense to her or anything, but...Harlemm rocks.

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    Harlem's Album is here !

    Harlem's Album is here. So is his music video !!

    Harlem Lee (Gerry Woo) managed to become a winner on the television talent show "Star Search" and subsequently got a album deal with Polygram Records under their Polydor label. The album, "Listen to My Heart Beat," was released in 1987 and had a couple of hit singles with "Help Yourself," "How Long," and a remake of Ruby and the Romantics' classic "Hey There Lonely Girl" (rose to #27 on Billboard's R&B Chart in 1987).

    Woo's music video for "How Long," completed on October 15, 1987, was aired on the likes of MTV, BET, and Friday Night Videos and...

    See this link for details on his career and pictures of his album.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SweetTpie812
    I wasn't too fond of the song Harlemm sang at the end though....could've been better. He so doesn't remind me of a pop star, but he's still awesome.
    I agree - I didn't like that song at all. One of those awful two-note melody choruses (I remember very little of the song actually) that's the thing in pop music these last few years. Would've been nicer if they'd just let him bask in the glory of winning FAME rather than putting him to work right away to plug a lame song when his mind was obviously elsewhere. Shameless - but that's showbiz. Please don't let it be the first single! Please don't let it be on the CD. He's not your typical pop star, but boy does he own the stage every time...I just love him to peices - he's revitalized my interest in pop music!

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    well, in his interview... he said that he liked the song that he sang on the finale... i did like it.. as a matter of fact, i would have liked any song that he sings.. he's that good!!!

    so, best of luck to Harlemm!! **still waiting**

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