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Thread: Harlemm Lee

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    Way to go Harlemm! Very deserved win.

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    Harleem Lee is #1

    When I watch Fame, I'm very happy for Harleem . I'll be looking forward to buy his album when the store date is comes out like Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard.

    Can someone let me know when Harleem Lee's CD is coming out?

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    My Buddy

    I know Harlemm in person. I used to work with him in that hospital. If you like him in TV, I'm sure you'll like him in person, a humble and polite man. I didn't even know he can dance nor sing until we gave him a party for being selected to this show "FAME". I was in the office when Debbie called him.

    All I can say to Harlemm... CONGRATULATIONS! and don't change buddy... keep up the good works! When you hit that million don't forget us! We have a wall for your name... ya know what i'm saying...

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    Congrats Harlem

    I was a late commer into watcing Fame. I always liked Harlem. I thought he was a great performer and on top of it all he had a killer personality. I don't really agree with that other girl don't remember her name who was a runner up. I don't think she really had it. Serena was better than her.

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    Gerry Woo (harlemm Lee)

    I met Harlemm (Gerry Woo) back when I was about 10...he came over to our house at one of our family parties and I remember him teaching about 4 or 5 other teenagers (including his sister Cindy) Michael Jackson Thriller video dance sequences....no joke..(he was about 16 at the time)..it's funny looking back at it now, but the kid was made for entertainment.

    He used to compete in this weekly Michigan talent contest called 'Saturday Nigh Music Machine' that ran for about a year. Gerry (Harlemm) won every week and eventually won the show. Conratulations Gerry Woo (Harlemm Lee)..time to make the big $$$!!!!

    I will definitely buy his CD.....

    I always wondered what ever happened to Gerry Woo....lol

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    It's great news about Harlemm! I was his fan from the first episode he was on. Other than his talent, he seems like a very kind hearted and genuine person. He is a natural motivator by what he does and probably doesn't know it. I am very happy for him. I will miss seeing his performances each week, so I'll just have to wait until he comes to Broadway. If anyone knows of any shows he will be in (especially in NYC) please let us know.

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    Haven't posted on any of the Fame threads before, & wasn't going to, but I just couldn't help myself!

    Sorry if I repeat anything, I only read the last two pgs. b/c I didn't want to read any negative things about Harlemm anymore - didn't want any bashers' to spoil my happiness.

    This show was the first time that I've ever voted for anyone on any of these reality talent contests (although I will be voting for the LCS) - that's how impressed I was by Harlemm. My boyfreind & I watched Fame from almost the beginning & when we saw Harlemm win, we were screaming & jumping up & down, hollering "There is justice in the world!" and the like. We're not even young - we're both almost exactly Harlemm's age. We were actually afraid that Shannon would win, only b/c of Johnny Wright's comments. Few times in my life have I been this happy for someone (& even someone I don't even know!) - Harlemm Lee so deserves success IMO - what a gifted entertainer!!! I will definately buy his CD's & try to see him live!

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    The show is being shown again on Bravo!

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    Many of us fans felt the same way and are so very happy for him!
    to the site

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    Yay For Harlemm!!!

    this goes out to harlemm!! my #1 (and America's) .. i'll be awaiting your CD!!

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