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Thread: Harlemm Lee

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    I just couldn't read all the posts in this thread, wow, either there is big controversy, or lots of Harlemm fans of which I am one. I just wanted to drop in and say that I dropped all my votes for him during the last show even though I think Brandon just sang his little heart out and took the night, and at age 16.

    That said, there is something about the quality of Harlemm's voice that is different from many of the singers we hear today. Personally, I'm tired of everybody trying to sound like Britney or Mya, or Luther, although I am a fan of Ruben Studdard's also.

    Being older, I understand Harlemm lying about his age, I bet had he come clean in the beginning he might very well have been passed over. I also have read at other boards about the professional credentials of many of the finalists. Understandably, I think most viewers were a little upset when they learned this about the contestants because they were thinking that this show called "Fame" was similar in philosophy to the movie about a high school where you had to audition to get in. Well, it is isn't, and they never said that it was for amateurs only -- so at this point regardless of their backgrounds, I believe the best person will win, or at least the most popular, lol.

    I hope all four get recording contracts. I can't imagine how much better Brandon will be at 35 if he is this accomplished at 16. Good luck to all of them for much future success.

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    Hi Eddies Leg. Glad you dropped in!

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    I know eldee, I should not fret. I was so disappointed with AI 1 that I skipped most episodes of AI 2. I was thrilled when it came down to Reuben and Clay, tough choice, I loved them both. Now that was a competition (in spite of the dumb format of the show). I did not hower vote in that competition, I felt very burned from the 1st show.

    I decided to try again with FAME and was very suprised that there was anyone I liked, then the show started to go down hill. Well it is reality TV and the reality is... the formula changes all of the time. >sigh<

    Thanks again for the words, I hate being patient, I want to know right now who won!

    I know the final 4 will do well after this show ends, but the winner (Harlemm) will do better.

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    Well said Eddiesleg. I've been too busy to post the last couple of days but I've dropped in now and then and it's nice to see the peaceful, positive communication taking place!
    Glad to hear from more of Harlemm's fans - I'm sure there are a lot of them out there!
    I agree that all four should get contracts. They are all very talented but I believe that Harlemm SHINES!!!
    Can't wait til tonight!!

    Go Harlemm!!!
    Go Harlemm!!!
    Go Harlemm!!!

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    Hello Newbies!

    I have waited all week for tonight and it will be here soon

    Harlemm is my choice because he is the thriple threat - no doubt about it.

    Brandon could win and I think he has really improved since the beginning of the show.

    I wish Alex was still around he should have made it to the top four.

    May the best one win!!

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    Go Harlemm, Broadway fan here. Can't wait to see him on Broadway in Fame. Previews start Oct. 7, Opens early November. Out of all four, Harlemm is seasoned and ready for the spotlight. If not Brandon is a up and coming star.........peace

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    Welcome to the thread.
    I can't say much because I already know who the winner is. Watch the show. There are good performances.

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    Feel free to discuss the winner in the "Spoilers" thread.


    And a big welcome to poptick!

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    Congrats to Harlemm!

    Let's hear it for the old people!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilean4clay
    Congrats to Harlemm!
    Let's hear it for the old people!
    and I'll add:
    Let's hear it for the talent people!

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