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Thread: Harlemm Lee

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    I like Harlemm very much too!

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    FORT Fogey
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    Feb 2003
    Harlemm seems like a nice guy (I'm watching the group four episode for the first time right now).

    I really like his voice - beautiful! He's a decent dancer too.

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    "...Meta-Foric-Cally!" Kocky_Kamikaze's Avatar
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    I don't care if he's 37! He's GREAT! If he doesn't win, I know there is something wrong in this universe!

    Why did one of the Johnny, one of the judges, mention that he's been singing songs sung by women? Whatever song he sings, he can bring it home!

    Face it, I'm his number one fan!

    I'd like to know, WHEN is the rapper going home?!?! He sounds awful to me!
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    Yep, He's great and he looks *great* for his age. I woulda never thunk it.
    I really loved his performance.. it looked (and sounded) like he was really feelin' the song.

    I can't wait to see him do his thang next week!

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    Special withoutasol's Avatar
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    San Jose, CA
    he was awesome he really had emotion in his voice, he didn't need to fly around tghe stage, it was funny lookin. some people have to be theatrical to compensate for the lack of emotion, but his voice and facial exprfessions truely carried the song.

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    i think i'm in love.....

    you rock my world harlemm!!!

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    I just have to say that I *loved* Harlemm's performance, and could care less about his age. 37, 57, 17, whatever...he's still great. Tremendously talented, and real. If anything, I think his age gives him added maturity and a real depth of life experience, which shows in his performance. He put everything he was out there for everyone to see, and it was beautiful. Some of the other performances tonight may have been more showy or in your face, but his is the only one that made me pick up the phone, ever, for any show (after two seasons of American Idol...). It wasn't a sad song, but it choked me up.

    Good luck, Harlemm!

    ~grins~ It was also great to see two asians in the final 12. It's good to be so well represented in the public eye.

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    FORT Fogey zippy's Avatar
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    I find Harlemm very appealing. I absolutely hated that song the million times Justin Guarini sang it, but I loved Harlemm's performance tonight. I watched him do things that were corny and silly and strange, yet somehow I enjoyed him doing them. I think if anyone else did those things, he'd look like an idiot, but somehow Harlemm pulled it off.

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    Soccer Kicks Balls cali's Avatar
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    right behind you

    I wonder why that is

    I've read people saying they will "forgive" him the airplane zoom.... I was rolling and thought it was hilarious.... you are right though, I can't think of many people who could pull that off and have it be cute instead of stupid. Definitely no one else last night.

    I guess it could get old too, if he does goofy things each week (assuming he'll be around for a while).
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    Foster Your Inner Kacey BobDobolina's Avatar
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    And it's pretty telling that Serena singled him out as the competitor she's most worried about losing to.

    I was pretty surprised about his age, though. Dick Clark has got nothing on him. If he had said he was 17, I wouldn't have given it a second thought.

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