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Thread: Harlemm Lee

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    I think the problem is we were all under the impression perhaps falsely, that the rules for the games were the same as AI's. Or at least similar.
    What it's looking more like, is that it truly was an open cattle call. No restrictions other than no convictions recently.
    I have no problems with Harlemm/Gerry at all, as long as he doesn't show on smoking gun as a felon r something similar.

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    I guess I'm just more sensitve because I counsel children of abuse. Some of the posts that I have read over the last several weeks from "arm chair quarterbacks" seem to reach levels of verbal abuse. I respect a difference of opinion just not the way some go about voicing it. Why try to get rid of me by sending me to another site. Don't differing opinions make for a more interesting forum?

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    I guess I missed something Elaine.... "Verbal abuse?" And who tried to get rid of you? Sorry for the confusion.

    Anyway.... to say we would treat the situation differently if it were Justin is an unfair statement in my opinion.
    I have given Justin his props for his age, but I also certainly have made it clear that I prefer the other contestants over him, but if the rules say anyone can compete, I honestly don't think I'd treat the situation differently no matter who it was.
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    You are a newcomer to our site.I assume you read through our rules . The main objection that our members have is you coming onsite and putting them down. This is a site for reality tv. Contestants are fair game, members are not.
    The age of the contestant does not matter. If you are sensitive to this issue , it was pointed out that this is definately not your type of site.Should you wish to stay and join in the conversation , please do so. Just don't slam us for discussing things the way we normally do.

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    Harlemm hasn't broken any rules... and the part about him finishing school before becoming more famous.. that made me go AWWW!! I think he has a heart of gold, and more sincere than half the people in the music industry... I really think he will become a star!! this is his chance, even if it's his second!! hey, everone deserves a second chance!!

    it still doesn't change the way i feel about him... he's special, i can feel it everytime he performs!!
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    Good Morning, Well first let me apologize because perhaps I shouldn't have singled out anyone to let them know that I enjoy their posts. I did enjoy Cali's objectivity though and that's why I mentioned it. Sorry if I upset anyone. Have a great day everyone and remember life is too short to stay angry. I'll be watching the show tonight and cheering on all the perfomers. Hope you will be too.

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    Originally posted by famefan
    In fairness to Gerry Woo/Harlemm Lee ...

    He is a very gifted artist and people are smearing him for this name change despite of the WOW performance he has continuously proven.
    I thought so....at the beginning. Now it's just a matter of, "WOW....can these performances of his get any more weird or over the top?"

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    I don't know, I guess it's just disapointing because one of the great things, I think, about these reality shows is finding raw talent. I think this show is being to closely related to AI, when it's not the same, it shouldn't be just on vocals, Fame is dancing and singing and then they added the additional "personality or stage presence" component. I think it's alittle unfair that he has had so much professional experience, he is the only one that didn't look effected by waiting to hear his name, and I am sure that is where the confindence comes from. I wish that they had to have solo dance numbers also, and I think it's kind of crummy how they are rushing the show, it seems like there has got to be another option. Maybe to not even have judges comment until the number gets lower, it seems like last week they were just throwing out whatever comments and not all three would comment, it just seems kind of unprofessional. I am interested to see if the elimination process will be changed this week, although I really doubt it.

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    I'm thinking that they found themselves in a no win situation , and are making up the rules re Harlemm as they go. If they dump him, arguably one of the most popular - they face a backlash. If they don't , it is not really fair to the other contestants who are coming in raw, and may face a different kind of storm.

    Glad it's not me making the decisions...

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    You are correct and I am sure they may have learned something from this for the next show.

    Meanwhile, Harlemm is the man for me! Unique to the bone and mystical. I know that sounds corny but he is really something different and talented.

    Let's hope there are not too many more secrets we find out about. Hell let's pretend like we don't know this.

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