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Thread: Harlemm Lee

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    Something finally motivated me to post. That's the topic of Harlemm being Gerry Woo. I think if this had come up with someone else you would have been harder on him or her. I'll use Justin for example because so many of you seem to hate this young kid. You would have been all over him. IBut, it's Harlemm so all's forgiven. think where Fame went wrong is not seperating the pro's from the amateurs. It's just my opinion but the pro's don't look so hot considering their experience. I really have to handle it to Justin and Brandon, two young kids still in high school doing something constructive instead of being out on the streets causing trouble.

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    Welcome to the FORT Elaine.

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    Thanks for the welcome. I don't think I'll get much support but I'm just really tired of all of the negativity. I just can't see dragging someone down, especially young people. You may not care for someone's style or perceived lack of it but why be so cruel.

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    I'm not cutting Harlemm any slack, personally. I think he should be disqualified simply for misrepresenting his age, if nothing else.

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    Good post Elaine and good points!

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    Elaine you are new to our site, and we have been fighting the same battle with those who just drop by and come out swinging.

    This may not be the site for you, Please check out NBC.com.

    Our regular members aren't likely to change their style, nor would we want them to.

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    So Harlemm isn't Harlemm after all. You know, the same thing happened to me on AI when Josh came in all pop and then switched to all country. I felt duped. Now I feel duped again. First the age, now this.....no more votes from me. Period.

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    In fairness to Gerry Woo/Harlemm Lee ...

    He is a very gifted artist and people are smearing him for this name change despite of the WOW performance he has continuously proven.

    Here's a small fact that hopefully gives you a bit of a background before you flush him down the drain ...

    He was not a professional performer then as Gerry Woo but was an amateur trying to make it in the music industry. But he also wanted to finish college before anything that's why he disappeared.

    Now that he's all grown up, graduated and still an amateur - he wants to continue his love for music and the Harlemm Lee name just adds a little umppph to this ever so intriguing industry.

    He's working hard for something he loves to do and that's all he's doing.
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    Well, in my opinion, as long as he is not breaking any of the contest rules and he continues to perform well, I will still root for him.

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    Hold me back. I have to respond to Elaine.

    Justin and Harlemm are like apples and oranges. No comparison at all.
    Brandon is great and needs to work on his vocals a little more.

    Talent is talent and Harlemm has it (whatever that is) but no one is picking on Justin. The truth is that he is out of his league and he has no personality to speak of.

    Watch his performance and see if you see what I see. Put him on a rap show and he may improve, who knows.

    Elaine welcome to the site and we can all agree to disagree. But the truth is that I am looking for that something special and it ain't Justin.

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