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Thread: Ep 5 Recap- Oh My God , You're Almost 40?

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    Most disappointing: Moy.

    I really, really liked Harlemme. I admit to being disappointed that he "lied" about his age. He went from being almost my age to being older. He's still talented but at this point I wonder if he's not "too old".

    Serena was my second favorite. I do like Allyson although I don't like that she was so badly behaved in the past. She couldn't do the song. She was so nasal I wanted to throw things at the TV. I completely agree with Carn: she's better off on Broadway.

    I hate-hate-hate "The Last Dance". Ugh! Jacob was ok the first week I saw him (nice Eminem impression) but now he's just annoying if he goes I won't care. Gary is a royal pain. His attitude makes me want him g-o-n-e. Alex is pretty, decent voice. Jamieson should go. She's totally the "Britney" of the group. She's shone voice to speak of and on the rest I really don't care.

    Edit: How can I forget the Staying Alive group bit? The horror of it all..., I have no words! : :rolleyes:

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    looking for a deal on evilBay
    Originally posted by cheezcake
    there talents are unfolding in front of us

    well I would rather be known for my Talent than my talents. Casting couch anyone??
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    Shannon Bex was awsome with her performance.
    She has a really good talent.
    I hope she goes all the way and win this.


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    when's American Idol back on??

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    Enygma, I enjoyed your recap. I wonder why your doing it for Fame. Either you like to write, no one else would do it, or...maybe you have some talents of your own and can relate to the contestants?

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    I think Eny has mentioned that she was a big fan of the original Fame, and of Debbie Allen. So this is a good show for her.

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    John has his ways of convincing people. I'm allowed to take off the thumbscrews when the show is over.

    No seriously . I mostly disliked AI , but loved Fame the show . I thought I'd give it a chance, especially when all the high profile people signed on as hosts and Judges.

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